I am a software developer and freelance 3D artist (he/him) from Augsburg, Germany. I create apps and games for the Android platform, as well as fantasy 3D art.

During my first internet adventures in 1998, I found the name Kianga in a Swahili dictionary, translated as “burst of sunlight after rain.” It reminded me of the beautiful ending scene from The Lion King, and I chose it as my online nickname. I learned that it’s a female name only after I had used it for almost every online account. It’s nice and short though, and I still like the image.

Much of my artwork is inspired by the fantasy MMO Guild Wars 2 and its fierce battle cats, the charr. Please keep in mind that this is fan art: I do not work for ArenaNet nor am I sponsored by them—I just love their work.


You can send me an email, or follow me on Twitter for updates.

For secure communication, you can use my PGP public key or Keybase.

I also have an anonymous inbox, tell me anything!



Guild Wars 2 fan art & more


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