About me

I am a software developer from Augsburg, Germany, and I create apps and games for the Android platform.

During my first internet adventures in 1998, I found the name Kianga in a Swahili dictionary, translated as “burst of sunlight after rain.” It reminded me of the beautiful ending scene from The Lion King, and I chose it as my online nickname. Of course, I learned that it’s a female name only after I had used it for almost every online account. It’s nice and short though, and I still like the image.


You can find me online on Google+, GitHub, Keybase, and Facebook, or send me an email.


Cyklus Watch Face

Elegant 24-hour watch face for Android Wear

Website Play Store

Chili Charger

Puzzle game with a story about chilies, cats, and happiness

Website Play Store


See weather pictures from around the world, and share your own

Website Play Store

River’s Rescue

In development