I am a freelance 3D artist and former software developer (he/him) from Augsburg, Germany creating furry fantasy art and VR avatars.

During my first internet adventures in 1998, I found the name Kianga (pronounced key-UN-ga) in a Swahili dictionary, translated as “burst of sunlight after rain.” It reminded me of the beautiful ending scene from The Lion King, and I chose it as my online nickname. I learned that it’s a female name only after I had used it for almost every online account. It’s nice and short though, and I still like the image.

Many of my art projects are inspired by the fantasy MMO Guild Wars 2 and its fierce battle cats, the charr. I do not work for ArenaNet nor am I sponsored by them—I just love their work.

If you’d like to know more about my personal history and career, you can find a longer post about it on my Patreon. I also have a list of tools that I use for my work and personal life, if you’re curious about that.

I used to think of myself as politically moderate, but in recent years I've found myself leaning more and more towards the left. I value empathy and kindness, and I have zero tolerance for hate, bigotry, and abuse.


My main social media platform is Mastodon, feel free to follow me there if you’d like to stay in touch!

You can also send me an email, contact me via other platforms, or leave me a (hopefully nice!) note in my anonymous mailbox.

Profile Icons

You'll find one of these on most of my social media profiles. They are commissioned artworks for my personal use only; please do not use them without my permission.

Digital bust drawing of an anthropomorphic black jaguar in side view, flexing his right arm and smiling at the viewer. He has a red cloth tied around his wrist and an flag with asexual pride colors draped over his shoulder and arm.
Black jaguar with ace pride flag
Digital bust drawing of a male charr with an eye patch against a red background. He's looking at the viewer with a confident smile.
Kianga Snowstorm, my charr warrior from Guild Wars 2
Digital art of a feline eye close-up, exquisitely detailed with black fur and a golden iris, looking directly at the viewer
Black jaguar eye icon

Featured Projects