Charr Portraits


I'd love to model and texture your charr in 3D, and render a portrait with a pose and expression of your choice!

Please talk to me if you have questions or ideas that are not covered by the options below. It's okay, we can probably figure something out!

What you'll need

  • Reference screenshots of your character without armor from at least three perspectives: front, back, and side
  • Additional drawn references can be provided for the texture design

What you'll get

  • Two high-resolution renders (3200 × 3200 PNG)
  • Full-body view from a perspective of your choice
  • Close-up of the face
  • Simple clothing - casual shirt and pants, or loincloth


  • Stylized and simplified designs - see my previous characters for examples
  • No complex armor or weapons (yet)
  • No explicit/NSFW scenes
  • 3D model files will not be released, but can be used in later commissions at a discount

Charr Portrait (85 €)

  • Includes basic clothes: loincloth or casual pants and shirt
  • Two 3200 × 3200 PNG renders
  • Optional: Custom logo for clothing (+ 15 €)
  • Optional: SketchFab export for viewing your model in 3D (+ 15 €) [example]

Extra Scenes (35 €)

  • Previously commissioned character models only
  • One 3200 × 3200 PNG render
  • Optional: Additional existing characters (+ 15 € each)
  • Pose, expression, and simple background color of your choice (free)
  • Optional: Blurred screenshot background with matched lighting (+ 10 €)
  • Optional: Additional background, objects or special effects (please ask, price depends on complexity)

Patreon Discounts! As a thank you for supporting me on Patreon, I offer discounts at the following tiers: 5 % for Legionnaire, 10 % for Centurion, and 15 % for Tribune.

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment via PayPal invoice.
  • Portraits are delivered as 3D-rendered PNG images (3200 × 3200 pixels) within five business days after payment has been received.
  • You may post and use the rendered images wherever you like, as long as the image watermark is kept intact.
  • I reserve the right to refuse commissions for any reason, including but not limited to insufficient information provided, abusive or malicious orders, or pending payment issues.