Commission Queue

To protect the privacy of my clients, I am not posting any names here, just the general type of each project. When you commission me, you'll receive an 8-digit project ID that you can find again below in [square brackets], so you'll know which one is yours.

I hope to provide time estimates here in the future, but 3D projects can be complex and difficult to estimate, so for now I've decided to keep it simple. As a rule of thumb, one project usually takes at least a week.

  1. 3D Scene [e6deac9d] — in progress, part 2/3

  2. 3D Character [2c8b476f]

  3. 3D Character [c3b1dc20]

  4. VRChat Avatar [b88d4082]

  5. VRChat Avatar [611100b5]

  6. 3D Bust [77d1e0de]

Last updated: June 15th, 2021