Looking for a VR creative partner

September 18, 2023

I’m looking for a creative partner (paid work) to help me with VR avatar projects, specifically bringing characters from Blender into Unity and testing everything with full-body tracking in VRChat.

For examples of previous projects, have a look at my VR avatars!

My workflow

  • Create a high-poly sculpt based on character references from our client
  • Create a low-poly version of the character (retopology)
  • Unwrap UVs
  • Bake normal maps
  • Texture the character (PBR) in Substance Painter
  • Rig the character and weight paint all mesh parts
  • Possibly add one or more outfits, same steps as above
  • Create shape keys for visemes and expressions

What I need help with

  • Create a Unity project for the avatar
  • Set up materials and shaders
  • Configure PhysBones
  • Add animations (e.g. tail)
  • Set up controls
  • Add special effects and other features requested by our client
  • Test the character in VRChat with full-body tracking and make necessary adjustments (e.g. arm and leg proportions)
  • Help our client upload their avatar to VRChat (if necessary)

Coordination & payment

With previous projects, we usually charged between 50-100 EUR for the VRChat-specific work. We both set our own prices and send separate invoices to our client, so if some feature requires more work and you need to negotiate a higher price, that is perfectly okay!

Before I accept a new project, we coordinate together with our client in a Discord or Telegram group DM, so all sides know what they can expect. Once my part of project is complete, I send you all the necessary files (usually via a shared Google Drive folder) so you can get started.

If you need help with anything on the Blender side of the project, you can always ask me!

You can usually expect one project every 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast I can get things done on my side.


  • Please be kind and communicative, and respond to messages within a business day.
  • You’ll have 2-3 weeks advance notice before any project, and you don’t need to accept anything. But if you do, please be ready to complete your part of the project within a reasonable time, usually a week or two.
  • The character files shared with you belong to our client—please treat them as confidential, and do not use them for other projects.
  • You accept payments via PayPal or Stripe invoices.
  • You must be of legal age to do business in your country.

Why not do it myself?

I currently lack the rather expensive hardware to properly test full-body tracking in VR. I have tried to do it “blindly” in the past, but ran into too many issues with FBT in practice, and the repeated back-and-forth needed to get everything working was rather irritating, both for my clients and me. Working with a creative partner for VR projects has proven to be more pleasant for all parties involved. All the Unity-related work is also not trivial and takes quite a bit of time and experience, and I’d rather pay someone with the skills and equipment to do it properly.


If that sounds interesting, or if you have any questions, please contact me!