Boing Boing Boing3D animation
3D animation featuring a shirtless charr jiggling his pecs while staring at the viewer. He is very muscular, has yellow fur with an orange mane, long brown horns, and his right nipple is pierced with a large gold ring.

With skills like that, Garro is probably the highlight of every party.

3D Art, Animation — March 19, 2024

BoVRChat avatar
3D render of an anthropomorphic winged unicorn with a very stocky build, feathered wings, brown fur and hair, and blue eyes. His hands and feet are extra large and fluffy. He’s standing in a relaxed pose and looking at the viewer.

VRChat avatar commission for Buck featuring his alicorn, Bo!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — March 3, 2023

Kreeze FlaremaneVRChat avatar
3D render of a male charr with yellow-golden fur, blue eyes, and a long fluffy mane, standing in a volcanic cave and looking past the viewer with a friendly expression. His outfit: a golden wreath with green leaves on his head, a brown piece of cloth tied around his neck and shoulders and pinned together at his left shoulder with a golden brooch, large black epaulettes with gold edges on his right shoulder, a denim-colored chest piece, black leather gloves, close-fitting white pants, and black leather boots that are open in the front to leave room for his large clawed toes.

VRChat avatar gift commission for Kreeze featuring his Flame Legion charr, Kreeze Flaremane!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — February 2, 2023

TaldrenVRChat Avatar
3D render of a bipedal dragon with wings and ear fins. His body and scales are golden orange with black hands and feet and an orange light shining from his eyes, from a gem on his forehead, and between his chest scales.

VRChat avatar for Taldren, featuring his dragon with extendable wings and glowing scales!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — January 2, 2023

SharkeyVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr with dark brown fur and white markings on his face and chest. He has a friendly expression and is wearing cozy beige pants and a turquoise shirt that matches the color of his eyes.

VRChat avatar commission for Sharkey, featuring his charr with the same name!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — November 17, 2022

RatchetVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr (Ratchet) with a long fluffy mane and orange swimming trunks

VRChat avatar commission for Sigil, featuring his charr Ratchet in a beach outfit, and a VRChat port by Rengyr. I wonder how charr with that hairstyle look when they’re fresh out of the water…

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — October 18, 2022

HewieVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr with white fur, a long teal-colored mane, snow leopard spots and pink paw pads.

VRChat avatar commission for Hewie featuring his smol but very fluffy charr! I hope you like him, and have fun in VR! (VRChat port by Rengyr)

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — October 4, 2022

Draken DarkshadowVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr with dark blue-ish fur in a combat-ready pose. He is wearing a leather harness, steel gauntlets, leg plates, and boots, a long beige racing scarf, and a Blood Legion banner on his back.

VRChat avatar commission for Cinogard, featuring their charr revenant, Draken Darkshadow!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — September 21, 2022

Wan Shi TongVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr (Wan Shi Tong) in a martial arts pose, looking towards the right. He has black fur with white hands and feet, golden eyes, horns similar to a ram, and long, dark, braided hair, and is wearing the Infused Samurai Outfit from Guild Wars 2: steel armor with red paint and yellow glowing accents, held together by thick yellow cords, and with dark red leather underneath.

Second part of a VRChat avatar commission for Red, featuring his charr renegade, Wan Shi Tong wearing the Infused Samurai Outfit. The VRChat port was done by Rengyr.

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — August 30, 2022

Tk RobertsVRChat Avatar

VRChat avatar commission for Tk of his dragon wolf, with an optional outfit for special occasions. 😼

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — August 4, 2022

3D render of Zeno Darkspire, a male charr wearing an outfit of white fabric and yellow/gold elements: yellow halo above his head, white cloth around his shoulders with gold plates on his right shoulder, chest mostly bare with painted white tribal markings, leather straps with two red feathers around his biceps, white leather gloves and leggings with a golden belt adornment, and heavy black boots with yellow leather straps.

Second part of a VRChat avatar commission for Rouan: his charr Zeno Darkspire, now with a proper outfit! Have a great time in VRChat, and thank you for your commission! 💖 Items used: Immortal Light Halo Ebon Epaulets Tribal Vestments (only body paint and bands around the arms) Carapace Gloves Invoker’s Leggings Mursaat Brogans

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — May 9, 2022

3D render of a female charr with brown fur wearing an outfit consisting of a steel eyepatch, spiked steel pauldrons and gauntlets, an olive cloak, a dark leather chest piece, leather pants reinforced with steel thigh plates, and steel boots.

Character & outfit commission for Bolty, of her charr commander Zurena Snapbark! This was such an awesome and fun design to work with, and I hope we’ll see more of Zurena in the future. Thank you so much for the commission!

3D Art, Animation — April 25, 2022

CatculationsPrompt 74: MATH

Cat brain is working hard!

3D Art, Animation — April 22, 2022

3D render of Warrick Ashblood, a charr elementalist standing in a dark marble hall. He’s wearing blue & black armor that reveals a muscular chest with orange fur and an x-shaped scar. A magical flame gem floats above his forehead, and glowing cables filled with a lava-like liquid protrude from his arms.

Warrick finally has a proper outfit, and it’ll be ported to VRChat soon! Thank you for the commission, and I hope you like it!

3D Art, Animation — March 28, 2022

DrizzleboneVRChat Avatar
3D render of Drizzlebone, a male charr standing in a dark, rocky environment. He’s wearing armor made of dark green steel with a ghostly blue glow, skull-like shoulder armor, and chains draped decoratively around his neck, wrists, and waist. He’s also wielding a large, semi-transparent hammer in his right paw that glows in a similar ghostly blue color.

VRChat avatar commission for Drizzlebone, in collaboration with Rengyr for the VRChat adaptation.

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — March 14, 2022

VRChat avatar commission for Umber of her charr Thornphyre!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — January 31, 2022

Charr hug? Commission for Jynxamina, of her soft and fluffy charr Magna wearing the Wedding Attire outfit. Ported to VRChat by Rengyr!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — December 15, 2021

Originally I wanted to render an animation with all the charr I’d ever made here, but it turned out Blender and/or my hardware can’t handle this. A whole legion of Kiangas worked fine though!

3D Art, Animation — October 30, 2021

How would a charr soldier wear their dog tag? A chain around their massive neck would have to be awkwardly long, so I thought: why not use an engraved wristband instead?

3D Art, Animation — October 22, 2021

Kianga hasn’t figured out yet how to stop bullets in mid-air, but he’s gotten pretty good at dodging them! A little homage to The Matrix, for the first day of Charrtober: NIMBLE.

3D Art, Animation — October 1, 2021

Full-body character and armor commission for Coffee Kitten: his fierce charr lady, Tamka Ironpaw!

3D Art, Animation — August 20, 2021

BoopPrompt 42: BOOP

My patron Warrick asked for “boop” as this month’s prompt, and I thought I’d practice my animation skills a bit. I know it’s far from perfect, but I still had fun with this. 😼

3D Art, Animation — July 10, 2021

Full-body charr commission for Kuragari - with an extra Kianga for scale. Ferox is a big boy!

3D Art, Animation — March 22, 2021

Full-body charr and armor commission of player charr character Ripa Soulkeeper in heavy Vigil’s Honor Armor from Guild Wars 2. This was a huge project and a great learning experience - thank you so much, Ripa, for the commission! 💙

3D Art, Animation — March 11, 2021

Full-body commission for Lacsap of his charr, Bloodeye Lacsap This model is optimized and rigged for VRChat (~40k polygons), although I’m still working on some issues with full-body tracking.

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — February 11, 2021

Tiny WarriorPrompt 16: NURTURE
3D render of a tiny charr cub in a basket. He has brown fur, yellow eyes, and short ivory horns, and is covered with a red Blood Legion blanket so only his head is sticking out. He's looking at the viewer curiously with his little tongue sticking out. Blep!

He’ll be fierce and strong one day!

3D Art, Animation — January 20, 2021

3D bust render of an anthropomorphic wolf with light gray fur and green eyes, looking at the viewer with a smile and showing his sharp teeth.

3D bust of Ranok from the fantasy visual novel “Far Beyond the World” by Kael Tiger

3D Art, Animation — January 8, 2021

Sculpted bust commission featuring Yami Whitemane! It was a pleasure working on your charr, thank you for the commission! 🧡

3D Art, Animation — January 4, 2021

Animation commission for Tabra! 🤘 Unlike my sculpted busts, Garro has paws and he’s not afraid to use them.

3D Art, Animation — November 23, 2020

Sculpted bust for Sayna Jaye of her wonderful soft gentle giant charr, Teklau Darkwrench. Thank you for the commission! 💙

3D Art, Animation — November 20, 2020

Third Charrtober Special commission of a very fluffy charr, Haelios Sunkeeper. Thank you for the commission! 🧡 Background image credit: Jason Leung on Unsplash

3D Art, Animation — November 11, 2020

Second Charrtober Special commission featuring Kernas Schi - thank you for the commission! 💜

3D Art, Animation — November 5, 2020

The first of my Charrtober Specials, of Ignado Flaredancer. It was a pleasure working on this handsome charr - thank you for the commission!

3D Art, Animation — November 2, 2020

@kaapora_art asked on Twitter: “Do charr have four earbuds???” I hope this answers that. 😼

3D Art, Animation — October 10, 2020