Almorra Soulkeeper

Narrow Escape3D scene

Scene commission for Ripa, following the Branded Fight scene I created for him in 2021. Looks like Ripa and Almorra escaped—barely.

3D Art — April 12, 2023

PatriotPrompt 40: PATRIOT

True heroes aren’t patriots - they overcome patriotism. From Blood Legion to the Vigil and then to the Pact: Almorra never got stuck in close-minded thinking about one group being better than others. She moved past all that and united all of Tyria against the Elder Dragons. Based on the prompt “patriot” from my patron Ripa. Thank you for your support! 💙

3D Art — June 28, 2021

3D rendered battle scene featuring two charr, Ripa Soulkeeper and Almorra Soulkeeper, fighting a horde of Branded charr in a desert environment, with a dark purple sky and lightning in the background. They're both wearing full steel armor of the Vigil, wielding short swords and large shields. A magical blue shield surrounds them, and Ripa is striking at one of the Branded with his sword, snarling.

3D scene commission for Ripa, featuring his charr fighting alongside Almorra Soulkeeper, against three Branded charr!

3D Art — June 23, 2021

General Almorra Soulkeeper, Founder of the Vigil This is part of a larger project I’m currently working on—more on that soon—but I think she can stand on her own. Hope you like her!

3D Art — June 15, 2021