Bloodeye Lacsap

New AdventuresPrompt 117: GOODBYE
3D render of a charr warrior in full armor, looking over a fantasy landscape at night under a starry sky with blue and purple auroras. He’s standing in a canyon among loose rocks and long grass with a mysterious pink glowing tree standing higher up on a cliff in the distance. The character and foreground are illuminated by warm firelight, while the rest of the landscape is mostly dark, with the only light coming from the auroras and the glowing tree.

Sometimes saying goodbye can also be the beginning of a new adventure.

3D Art — February 24, 2023

Out With A BangPrompt 109: BANG
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) in full battle armor, standing outside at night with fireworks in the background. He is holding a giant bomb (the cartoony kind) with a lit fuse, grinning at the viewer. The bomb has the number 2022 written on it in large white letters.

This year deserves to go out with a bang!

3D Art — December 30, 2022

Ready Charr OnePrompt 101: VIRTUAL
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) in a dimly lit industrial environment: concrete, rusty pipes, metal fences. He’s standing on a high-tech looking pedestal with a red glowing edge, arms held in the typical calibration T-pose for VR full-body tracking. He is wearing a VR headset and red glowing tracking devices on his hands, waist, feet, and tail. Visible over his simple black pants is a set of bright orange glowing “holographic” armor, presumably the outfit he is wearing in VR.

What kind of avatar would a charr use in VR? Himself, of course. Just with more badass armor. Lacsap trying out his new VR hardware with 9-point FBTT (full-body & tail tracking), inspired by the prompt VIRTUAL. Thank you for your support! 💖

3D Art — October 28, 2022

Want a Rematch?Prompt 93: GAMBLE
First-person 3D render with a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) sitting at a poker table in his casual Blood Legion outfit, looking at you. Rows of playing cards with a Blood Legion design lie in front of both players, and a large pile of gold and silver coins sits in the middle of the table. Lacsap has his right paw held possessively around six large stacks of coins that belong to him, while you only have three meager coins left. His expression suggests that the pile of coins in the middle also belongs to him now, and a the shiny blade of a knife lying in front of you hints that the next round of this game might happen in a slightly more “charr” fashion.

Don’t worry—when charr play, the second round is usually a lot more fun, and doesn’t involve cards. For the prompt GAMBLING from my patron Lacsap. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — September 1, 2022

“Field Bed”Prompt 85: COMFY
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) sleeping in an exquisitely fluffy charr-sized cat bed and bathed in warm sunlight. He is curled up tightly with one leg stretched out over the edge of the bed. A plushie that looks just like him sits next to him in the bed, and two pillows with a Blood Legion design and a Legionnaire’s Axe are leaning against the wall behind him.

This latest advance in charr legion field beds may be a little small, but that doesn’t seem to bother Lacsap. For the prompt COMFY from my patron Lacsap—thank you for your support, and sweet dreams!

3D Art — July 8, 2022

Laser TagPrompt 77: LASER TAG
3D render of a charr (Lacsap) wearing a casual Blood Legion outfit in dark underground ruins: old brick walls, rotting crates, blue foggy atmosphere. Lacsap is running past the viewer towards the right and holding a laser gun in his right paw, looking back over his shoulder with a shocked expression. A bright red laser beam coming from behind is aiming right at his butt. Red light from the beam and Lacsap’s own gun illuminates the foreground and his face.

Why do humans call it laser tag when they’re not even using real lasers?

3D Art — May 13, 2022

Pool PartyPrompt 70: PARTY

Birthday pool party for Lacsap! A belated happy birthday to you, and thank you for your support! 💕 I hope you’ll all enjoy your weekend as much as these three!

3D Art — March 25, 2022

Praise the SunPrompt 63: PRAISE

Lacsap being grossly incandescent, for the prompt “praise”. I hope it’s not too obvious that I’ve never played Dark Souls. It’s on my increasingly long list of things to do!

3D Art — January 28, 2022

Metal LacsapPrompt 55: MUSIC
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) in full battle armor against a fiery background, playing the Musical Bass Guitar from the Guild Wars 2 gem store. The guitar has a crazy design with gears, spikes, and (for some reason) three exhaust pipes that shoot flames. Lacsap looks like he's thoroughly enjoying it.

Lacsap has a guitar now, and he’s not afraid to use it! 🤘

3D Art — November 26, 2021

ButterfliesPrompt 50: BUTTERFLIES
3D render of a male charr with reddish brown fur, teal eyes, and a brown eye patch. He's wearing full steel armor with a fluffy gray pelt over his shoulders, and a dozen colorful butterflies (red, yellow, blue, gray - the colors of the charr legions) are sitting on him.

Lacsap has united the butterfly legions!

3D Art — September 10, 2021

FreedomPrompt 45: FREEDOM

Freedom Lacsap going diving, inspired by his prompt “freedom” for this month. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — August 6, 2021

Lightning CatcherPrompt 41: THUNDERSTORM
3D render of a charr warrior standing in a thunderstorm, holding up one of his two battle axes as it is struck by lightning. The electricity arcs down along his steel armor and over his other axe into the ground. His entire armor is outlined brightly from the lightning, and there is also a faint red glow from a warrior skill that prevents him from taking any damage.

For the prompt “thunderstorm” from my patron Lacsap, I was wondering how a warrior might catch lightning (and survive). Luckily we’ve got [Endure Pain]!

3D Art — July 8, 2021

Citadel Assault Glider Mk. IIPrompt 38: DROPPING

After careful review of the Citadel Assault Glider design, United Legion engineers came to the conclusion that it wasn’t quite assault-y enough. The Mk. II here features 3,000 pounds of “enhancements”. Based on the prompt “dropping” from my patron Lacsap - thank you for your support!

3D Art — June 24, 2021

Charr Island V: RefreshmentsPrompt 36: REFRESHMENTS
3D render featuring three charr on a beach at night, with a palm tree and a full moon in the background. One charr is still awake and looking at the stars while resting against a wooden barrel, the others are passed out, their tongues hanging out. There's a crab with sharp pincers sitting on a discarded whiskey bottle, eyeing the first charr's paws curiously. If you look closely, there seems to be another charr sitting in the palm tree above them, but only his tail visible hanging down from the tree.

Our charr vacation draws to an end - thank you, Garro, for the refreshments, and for your support! 💛

3D Art — May 29, 2021

Charr Island IV: PartyPrompt 35: PARTY
3D render featuring three charr on a beach playing "crab limbo" at sunset. Two are holding a wooden stick with a crab sitting on it, while the third is trying to pass under it without getting pinched by the crab.

Not sure if Crab Limbo is a thing, but with charr it probably would be.

3D Art — May 28, 2021

Charr Island II: WaterPrompt 33: WATER
3D render of a male charr near a tropical beach, both the character and camera half-submerged in crystal-blue water. His arms are raised slightly above the water and he's looking curiously at a school of Sergeant major fish swimming close to him. There is a tropical island with a single palm tree in the distance, with a charr clinging to the very top of the trunk, looking helpless.

Kianga, stop playing with that fish - someone needs rescuing!

3D Art — May 13, 2021

Charr Island I: TropicalPrompt 32: TROPICAL
3D render of a shirtless male charr with brown fur, black shorts, and a leather eye patch, climbing a palm tree with tropical sea in the background. He's casually holding on to the trunk with one hand, the other raised in a wave, with the long claws on his feet and hand giving him perfect grip.

Turns out charr are great at climbing trees! We’ll see if he can get down again…

3D Art — May 12, 2021

Moa ChicksPrompt 30: CHAOS

A little sequel to last month’s scene - looks like something hatched from those eggs!

3D Art — April 29, 2021

SpringPrompt 22: SPRING
3D render of a male charr with brown fur and an eye patch, curled up and sleeping in long grass between some dandelions, with his tongue sticking out in a blep. He's wearing black shorts and no shirt. There's a basket with four large painted Easter eggs next to him, in the colors of the four charr legions: red for Blood, yellow for Flame, blue for Iron, black for Ash.

A little scene for the prompt “spring” from my patron Lacsap. Looks like someone left a gift while he was napping!

3D Art — March 12, 2021

ShinyPrompt 20: GREED
3D close-up render of a male charr with brown fur, one turquoise eye, and a brown eye patch, lying on huge pile of gold coins and ruby gems. One of the palm-sized coins is in his left hand, and he's looking at it with pure bliss.

There’s a skritt in all of us…

3D Art — February 12, 2021

Full-body commission for Lacsap of his charr, Bloodeye Lacsap This model is optimized and rigged for VRChat (~40k polygons), although I’m still working on some issues with full-body tracking.

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — February 11, 2021