OutflankedPrompt 86: FLANKER
3D render of a male charr (Ripa Soulkeeper) fighting a pack of five pocket raptors in a dense jungle. He’s wearing full Vigil battle armor, except for his boots, which lie on the ground behind him as if he was just taking a break. Ripa is looking down at his feet in shock and surprise while the pocket raptors are taking advantage of the situation by snatching at his unprotected paws.

“Flanking” usually means attacking from the side, but I learned today that it can also mean flashing your ankles. Ripa unfortunately managed to get into a situation involving both. For the prompt FLANKER from my patron Ripa—thank you for your support!

3D Art — July 15, 2022

Be My Compass?Prompt 17: ROMANCE
3D render of a male charr with brown fur, wearing a red eye patch, black shorts, and a red tank top. He's standing in a sunny meadow during spring time, surrounded by trees, flowers, and butterflies, and holding three dandelions, looking at the viewer with a smile. There's a pocket raptor sitting next to him on a rock, looking curious.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day from Kianga!

3D Art — February 8, 2021

Cuddle AttackPrompt 1: CUDDLE ATTACK
Close-up 3D render of a male charr with a pocket raptor sitting on his bare chest. It has its teeth dangerously close to the charr's nose but he doesn't look worried, smiling and petting its back with one paw. In the unfocused background you can see a nighttime sky with a full moon, some fireflies, and the dark outline of a tree.

Ah, nothing like relaxing during a warm Grothmar night and snuggling with your… pocket raptor? 🤔 My friend and patron Danero gave me the prompt “cuddle attack”, and since I don’t have a second charr model in the new style yet… just watch your nose, Kianga.

3D Art — May 21, 2020

This is Bruce, my pocket raptor.

3D Art — April 20, 2020