Shirt cut meme, aka your character in different cleavage flavors. A grid with five categories: sideboob, inner sideboob, boob window, underboob, free space.

I’ve done this meme previously with Kianga, but since I never get tired of putting charr in ridiculous outfits, I thought why not do it again? Just this time with my patrons’ characters.

3D Art — May 8, 2023

Charr WheelPrompt 114: EXHAUSTED
3D render of a male charr with white fur wearing only a loincloth, looking very exhausted towards the viewer with his tongue hanging out. He’s standing in a giant steel contraption that vaguely resembles a cat wheel, except it has a much more charr-like industrial look with dozens of sharp metal segments on the outside and red painted tread plates on the inside.

Drizzlebone is trying out some new equipment at the Citadel gym! Just don’t call it a cat wheel.

3D Art — February 3, 2023

Death on WintersdayPrompt 106: FESTIVE
Close-up 3D render of a male charr (Drizzlebone) hiding in a Christmas tree with colorful lights and charr-themed decorations, including a chain and a decorative gear hanging from one of the branches. Just like a house cat, Drizzlebone looks very excited about the whole thing, with big dilated pupils.

Be careful on Wintersday, the trees might be watching!

3D Art — December 9, 2022

Pumpkin PowerPrompt 98: SPOOKY
3D render of a male charr (Drizzlebone) wearing ghostly blue glowing armor, sitting surrounded by glowing jack-o-lanterns. He is holding a smaller carved pumpkin in his right paw and his eyes and mouth glow in a bright orange. A full moon in the background reveals the outlines of leafless trees behind him.

Don’t consume too many pumpkins, or the pumpkins might consume you… For the prompt SPOOKY from my patron Drizzlebone, whose charr was already perfectly dressed for the occasion!

3D Art — October 7, 2022

Cooling DownPrompt 90: CALM
3D render of a male charr (Drizzlebone) lying half-submerged in a peaceful pond with an orange sunset in the background and trees, rocks, and long grass all around him. He’s looking up towards the evening sky, his right paw stretched out to the side (towards the camera), and his left paw laid on his chest.

Every charr has their own way of cooling down after a long, hot day. For the prompt CALM from my patron Drizzlebone—thank you for your support! 💖

3D Art — August 12, 2022

Iron Legion Beach OutfitPrompt 82: SCANDAL
3D render of a male charr with white fur (Drizzlebone) on a tropical beach, jumping high in the air with arms raised to catch a large beach ball. He’s wearing only a smooth steel plate covering his groin and two large gears on his thighs, all secured a little haphazardly with thick iron chains. It doesn’t look very comfortable, nor practical, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Drizzlebone testing the latest beach outfit for Iron Legion… Honestly, I’m not sure about the practicality of this, but who am I to judge! A scandalous outfit for the prompt SCANDAL from my patron Drizzlebone—thank you for your support, and for the fun prompt!

3D Art — June 17, 2022

CatculationsPrompt 74: MATH

Cat brain is working hard!

3D Art, Animation — April 22, 2022

DrizzleboneVRChat Avatar
3D render of Drizzlebone, a male charr standing in a dark, rocky environment. He’s wearing armor made of dark green steel with a ghostly blue glow, skull-like shoulder armor, and chains draped decoratively around his neck, wrists, and waist. He’s also wielding a large, semi-transparent hammer in his right paw that glows in a similar ghostly blue color.

VRChat avatar commission for Drizzlebone, in collaboration with Rengyr for the VRChat adaptation.

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — March 14, 2022

Foefire’s PowerPrompt 67: BRAG
3D render of a male charr with light gray fur standing in an abstract icy environment. He is not wearing any clothes and holding a giant magical frozen hammer (strategically placed for a little bit of decency), while looking at the viewer with a confident smirk.

Don’t you wish you had such a big hammer?

3D Art — February 25, 2022