Fyre Duskmane

3D render of a male charr half-lying on the ground in an arena, covering his left eye with a paw and looking dazed. Another charr lies next to him, dead.

“We didn’t speak another word, yet we both knew that only one would leave the arena that night. Somehow the crowd felt it too - the Bane was eerily silent. When he attacked, it was with a speed I had never seen of him. His claws slashed across my chest, and when I swung to the side to evade him, I left my head unprotected.”

3D Art, Writing — October 26, 2018

3D render of two male charr facing off, staring at each other angrily. The one on the left has his fists raised, while the one on the right is pointing at the other with his right paw while making the throat-cut gesture with his left.

“With two of my soldiers in the infirmary after what Fyre called a ‘mortar exercise’, I confronted him. I wasn’t subtle. He hit me. Another charr would have kicked his ass right there, and maybe that’s what he was hoping for, so he could send me to jail again. I stayed calm and did what I should have done long ago: In front of his officers, I challenged him to a fight in the Bane.”

3D Art, Writing — October 25, 2018

3D render of two charr head-to-head, clashing horns and snarling at each other against a red background. The one on the left has dark brown fur, blood-red eyes, and dark-grey steel-capped horns. The one on the right had light brown fur, yellow eyes, and ivory-colored horns.

“Fyre and I clashed horns plenty of times: he called us a pitiful excuse for a warband, I called him a disgrace to the Legions. I thought it was just the usual Blood Legion tone, and that it would get better with time. I was wrong.”

3D Art, Writing — October 21, 2018

3D render of a fierce looking charr with dark brown fur, black tiger stripes, and red eyes, wearing a Blood Legion loincloth. He's snarling at the viewer, in the same pose as the "threaten" emote from Guild Wars 2.

“Fresh out of the fahrar, I left behind the best primus a cub could wish for, and got the worst scum of a centurion a legionnaire could imagine.”

3D Art, Writing — October 19, 2018