Fyre Duskmane

“We didn’t speak another word, yet we both knew that only one would leave the arena that night. Somehow the crowd felt it too - the Bane was eerily silent. When he attacked, it was with a speed I had never seen of him. His claws slashed across my chest, and when I swung to the side to evade him, I left my head unprotected.” “There was a crack and I found myself on the floor, unable to breathe.

3D Art, Writing — October 26, 2018

“With two of my soldiers in the infirmary after what Fyre called a ‘mortar exercise’, I confronted him. I wasn’t subtle. He hit me. Another charr would have kicked his ass right there, and maybe that’s what he was hoping for, so he could send me to jail again. I stayed calm and did what I should have done long ago: In front of his officers, I challenged him to a fight in the Bane.

3D Art, Writing — October 25, 2018

“Fyre and I clashed horns plenty of times: he called us a pitiful excuse for a warband, I called him a disgrace to the Legions. I thought it was just the usual Blood Legion tone, and that it would get better with time. I was wrong.” Ahh, that second character model is like a whole new toy to play with. So much fun!

3D Art, Writing — October 21, 2018

“Fresh out of the fahrar, I left behind the best primus a cub could wish for, and got the worst scum of a centurion a legionnaire could imagine.” I’d like to introduce Fyre Duskmane, Kianga’s first centurion. If you think he looks unpleasant, be glad you never met him in person. Can I make a new charr in one day? Yes, apparently I can. He’s based on Kianga’s model, with some modifications to the face and horns, and a completely new texture.

3D Art, Writing — October 19, 2018