Garro Facebreaker

Boing Boing Boing3D animation
3D animation featuring a shirtless charr jiggling his pecs while staring at the viewer. He is very muscular, has yellow fur with an orange mane, long brown horns, and his right nipple is pierced with a large gold ring.

With skills like that, Garro is probably the highlight of every party.

3D Art, Animation — March 19, 2024

Shirt cut meme, aka your character in different cleavage flavors. A grid with five categories: sideboob, inner sideboob, boob window, underboob, free space.

I’ve done this meme previously with Kianga, but since I never get tired of putting charr in ridiculous outfits, I thought why not do it again? Just this time with my patrons’ characters.

3D Art — May 8, 2023

Containment BreachPrompt 115: ESCAPE
3D close-up render of a heavily built male char (Garro Facebreaker) with yellow fur in a blue-tinted night-time environment, similar to the locked hospital ward from Terminator 2. He is standing behind a barrier made of thick vertical steel bars, two of which he has bent apart with his bare paws, snarling angrily. A red alarm light is illuminating him from behind.

I took some inspiration for this from the hospital scene in Terminator 2, except Garro deals with puny steel bars the charr way!

3D Art — February 10, 2023

Oh DeerPrompt 107: REINDEER
Close-up 3D render of a reindeer with a glowing red nose standing in front of a Christmas tree, with a shocked expression. A charr (Garro Facebreaker) is standing behind the reindeer with a wicked grin, staring at it with a large axe in hand, its edges glinting in the light.

Oh look, a little reindeer found its way into Garro’s home to spread some holiday cheer!

3D Art — December 16, 2022

Healing TankPrompt 99: RECOVERY
3D render of a sci-fi environment, with a charr warrior (Garro Facebreaker) floating unconscious in a kind of healing tank. His axe and shield are leaning on a wall next to the tank. Everything is illuminated with green and blue-ish light.

Garro might have “blood legioned” a bit too hard, and has to take a little timeout in one of these fancy new healing tanks. For the prompt RECOVERY for my patron Tabra—thank you for your support, and have a speedy recovery!

3D Art — October 19, 2022

He’s Gonna Be a Mighty KingPrompt 91: DISNEY
3D render of a charr cub (Garro Facebreaker), held up like Simba during the opening scene from The Lion King.

He’s gonna be a mighty king For the prompt DISNEY from my patron Tabra. This is still Garro’s original charr model, just with different proportions. I’m surprised it turned out this cute, even if a little… angry.

3D Art — August 19, 2022

Spicy DisasterPrompt 83: SPICY
3D render of a male charr (Garro Facebreaker) standing with arms open. He’s wearing simple red pants with white Blood Legion emblems on his thighs, and a black shirt with silver edges and white text: “I’M NOT A HOT MESS - I’M A SPICY DISASTER”. The word “spicy” is colored bright red.

My patron Tabra gave me the prompt SPICY this time, and I found this shirt while browsing for references…

3D Art — June 24, 2022

Blood Legionnaire’s BreakfastPrompt 75: COMFORT
Indoor scene featuring Garro sitting at a breakfast table crammed with food, and not the healthiest kind: He’s clutching a giant bowl of chicken nuggets with both paws, but all around him filling the camera frame there is also: chocolate cake decorated with strawberries, blueberry pancakes dripping with syrup, dark and white chocolate bars, a large plate stacked with bacon and cheese cubes, another bowl with blueberries, and a bowl with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

What does Garro eat for breakfast? Yes. My patron Tabra gave me the prompt “comfort” this time, and I thought I’d make him a breakfast worthy of a Blood Legionnaire. I hope it’ll be enough until lunch—thank you for your support!

3D Art — April 29, 2022

Face-OffPrompt 68: FACEOFF

It’s a face-off between Garro and Ignado! Something’s missing though… This weekly prompt is for Tabra! Last week there was some silly talk on our Discord about challenging Garro’s “no-pants supremacy”, so here we are… Thank you for your support, regardless of outfit. 😼

3D Art — March 4, 2022

DesperationPrompt 60: DESPERATION

Our final prompt for this year, DESPERATION, ended up a bit darker - but I think that’s only appropriate for 2021. Thank you, Tabra, and all my other wonderful patrons for your support this year! Here’s hoping that 2022 will finally give us all a well-deserved break. 💕

3D Art — December 31, 2021

Minecart RidePrompt 53: TRANSPORT
3D render of a charr with yellow fur sitting in a minecart somewhere in an underground cave. He's not wearing clothes for some reason but holding his battle axe and it looks like he's fleeing from somewhere. The minecart track sits on high beams, with lava glow coming from below, and the track is coming out of a hole in the wall far in the distance that's illuminated by torchlight. The whole bizarre scene looks like it could be from an Indiana Jones movie.

Garro Facebreaker and the Temple of Doom?

3D Art — November 12, 2021

Green ThumbPrompt 48: GROWTH

All things have a right to grow. Especially when they turn into food for hungry charr. A little scene for the prompt “growth” from my patron Tabra. Thank you for your support! 🌱

3D Art — August 30, 2021

Gardening GarroPrompt 44: GARDENING

Tomato inspection! I think Garro is satisfied? I’m quite proud of my creative solutions to Garro’s ongoing lack of clothes. Based on the prompt “gardening” from my patron Tabra - as always, thank you for your support! 💛

3D Art — July 14, 2021

Garro demonstrating a “battle ropes” workout - except charr don’t use silly ropes. This was a fun scene to work on - thank you for your support! 💛

3D Art — July 8, 2021

OverheatPrompt 37: OVERHEAT

Hot weather? A warrior finds a way to deal with that too. 🍹🧊 Inspired by the prompt “overheat” from my patron Tabra. Thank you for your support, and even if it’s just virtual refreshment, I hope it helps!

3D Art — June 16, 2021

Charr Island V: RefreshmentsPrompt 36: REFRESHMENTS
3D render featuring three charr on a beach at night, with a palm tree and a full moon in the background. One charr is still awake and looking at the stars while resting against a wooden barrel, the others are passed out, their tongues hanging out. There's a crab with sharp pincers sitting on a discarded whiskey bottle, eyeing the first charr's paws curiously. If you look closely, there seems to be another charr sitting in the palm tree above them, but only his tail visible hanging down from the tree.

Our charr vacation draws to an end - thank you, Garro, for the refreshments, and for your support! 💛

3D Art — May 29, 2021

BreakfastPrompt 27: BREAKFAST

Tabra has been teasing us on Discord with his self-made pancakes, so I knew what I had to do for the prompt “breakfast”.

3D Art — April 14, 2021

PreciousPrompt 24: PRECIOUS
3D close-up render of a male charr holding a golden ring with glowing runes in his paw and looking through it with one eye. The whole scene has a deep red light, with lava visible in the background. It's a recreation of a well-known moment from the ending of the Lord of the Rings, when Gollum finally takes the Ring of Power for himself.

Looks like Garro found a rare drop at Mount Doo—er, Maelstrom.

3D Art — March 19, 2021

“Need a head bashed in?” I had a lot of fun modeling the Genesis hammer, Garro’s signature weapon. Thank you Tabra for the commission!

3D Art — January 13, 2021

Animation commission for Tabra! 🤘 Unlike my sculpted busts, Garro has paws and he’s not afraid to use them.

3D Art, Animation — November 23, 2020

ProtectPrompt 11: PROTECT
3D render of a male charr with yellow fur standing in front of a massive iron gate. He's not wearing any clothes, but he's resting his hand paws on a large tower shield in front of him, with the Blood Legion emblem on it. Behind him in the distance, his battle axe is leaning against the gate.

Blood Legion isn’t just great at taking things from the enemy, we’re pretty darn good at keeping them too.

3D Art — November 13, 2020

My first experimental full-body sculpting commission for Tabra of his charr warrior, Garro Facebreaker. Garro may be a big strong charr but he also has a sense of style, as you can tell from his rather exquisite underwear.

3D Art — August 17, 2020

Garro is back, just in time for a visit to the Blood Lagoon! Which also happens to be Kianga’s favorite spot in Grothmar Valley. And they’re such posers… Ahh, this took me a while but it was worth it. I made lots of changes and refinements to Garro’s model, texture, and rig - big thank you to Tabra for his support and his excellent feedback during the process. The original version of this scene featured Garro alone, but then Tabra suggested that Kianga should have a cameo, and this happened.

3D Art — September 23, 2019

Tabra had the idea to let Garro do the Hollow Victory meme that’s been making the rounds on Twitter, and this was a welcome opportunity for me to experiment with a multi-panel comic layout in 3D! Usually one of the first things I do when working on a new scene is to jump into the game and take screenshots of the relevant location, both for reference and to use as a background.

3D Art — April 28, 2019