Ignado Flaredancer

The TrophyPrompt 120: FIGHTING
3D render of my charr warrior Kianga Snowstorm, and my patron’s charr elementalist, Ignado Flaredancer in a modern-day office environment at night. Both are in their battle outfits and facing each other as if in combat. The viewer is behind a desk with an “employee of the month” trophy sitting on it that is suspiciously shaped like a butt plug. Both charr are staring at it—Kianga with a horrified expression, Ignado with a mischievous smirk. The scene is a recreation of a similar scene from the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.

I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once last weekend. Definitely one of the more memorable films I’ve seen…

3D Art — March 17, 2023

Combined PowerPrompt 88: POWER
3D close-up render of an anthropomorphic dragon (Seraphis Zurvan) on the left and a charr (Ignado Flaredancer) on the right doing a “modern” handshake. Glowing runes running along Seraphis’ body illuminate Ignado’s face, while a fireball in Ignado’s hand illuminates Seraphis’ face. The dragon’s left wing covers most of the background, held in a way that shields them both from the environment.

The combined power of a dragon and a charr, for the prompt POWER from my patron Ignado aka Seraphis! Thank you for your mighty support!

3D Art — July 29, 2022

PatheticPrompt 80: PATHETIC
3D render of a charr elementalist (Ignado Flaredancer) standing tall in front of the viewer in a simple loincloth outfit. The scene takes place in a rocky cave lit from above with reddish light: Metal bars block the left side, and a Flame Legion banner is vaguely visible in the background, suggesting some kind of arena. Ignado is holding up and looking at his right paw, glowing with magical fire. The viewer is in a fallen/sitting position on the ground, with only their (charr) feet and right hand in view, reaching up helplessly. A dropped Ash Legion combat blade lies in front of their feet, just out of reach.

PoV: You’ve tried to duel an elementalist. It did not go well.

3D Art — June 3, 2022

Hurricane of PainPrompt 72: PAIN

Ignado swinging his Catalyst’s Hammer to bring you a Hurricane of Pain For the prompt “pain”—thank you for your support!

3D Art — April 8, 2022

Face-OffPrompt 68: FACEOFF

It’s a face-off between Garro and Ignado! Something’s missing though… This weekly prompt is for Tabra! Last week there was some silly talk on our Discord about challenging Garro’s “no-pants supremacy”, so here we are… Thank you for your support, regardless of outfit. 😼

3D Art — March 4, 2022

Magic & TechnologyPrompt 65: LIGHT
3D render of a male charr with a red eye patch wearing black shorts and a red tank top. He's grinning at the viewer and holding up his right hand, which is enveloped in glowing red magic.

Is that what they call “green energy”? For the prompt LIGHT from my patron Ignado - thank you for your support!

3D Art — February 11, 2022

Disaster CharrPrompt 57: SENTIMENT
3D render of a male charr with orange fur and black tiger stripes, standing outside after sunset in front of a group of pine trees. One of them is on fire, almost entirely engulfed in flames. The charr has his back to the tree and is staring at the viewer with a knowing expression, similar to the "disaster girl" meme.

Someone’s had enough Wintersday cheer for today.

3D Art — December 10, 2021

Outfit commission for Ignado Flaredancer, based on Mist Shard Armor from the game! The outfit will be ported to VRChat as well. Thank you for the commission!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — November 18, 2021

My second full-body charr commission: Ignado Flaredancer, Flame Legion Shaman! It was a real pleasure working with his design, and I hope you like him too! Thank you for the commission! Credit for the Binding of Ipos book (original design by ArenaNet) goes to my partner Keeya, who let us use his model for the rendered scene: https://keeya.artstation.com/projects/RY2g5e

3D Art — December 22, 2020

The first of my Charrtober Specials, of Ignado Flaredancer. It was a pleasure working on this handsome charr - thank you for the commission!

3D Art, Animation — November 2, 2020