Keeya Snowtail

Digital bust of a female charr mesmer with beige fur, a dark brown mane, and light blue eyes, against a soft light purple background. She has a confident smile and is wearing a dark purple wizard hat, with her two horns poking through it.

An icon for Kiza featuring his charr mesmer, Keeya Snowtail, drawn by my friend Valynxia.

By Valynxia — August 4, 2023

Art for the New Year 2021, featuring Rengyr’s and Keeya’s charr mesmers and my warrior.

By Rengyr — January 1, 2021

It was still a few months until Wintersday, but since the shelves here were already stocked with all kinds of seasonal sweets, I figured I might as well get an early present for my partner Keeya—and his charr mesmer looks SO happy in that outfit… Art by our awesome Charr Against Humanity guild master, Minarr Howlfury.

By Minarr — October 17, 2018

Icon commission featuring my partner Kiza’s charr mesmer, drawn by Valynxia!

By Valynxia — August 30, 2018

Digital art with my armored charr warrior (Kianga Snowstorm) in the foreground, arms raised in a shrug, looking up at a charr mesmer (Keeya Snowtail) standing on top of a hill with jagged stone cliffs and no obvious way to get up there.

During our adventures in Guild Wars 2, my partner Keeya would often use those mesmer teleport skills (cheats!) to get to places where this grumpy warrior couldn’t, who would then have to beg for a portal… Beautiful art by Azazaelle!

By Azazaelle — December 17, 2016