Kernas Schi

3D render of two male charr in an Inquest lab at night time, bathed in dark blue ambient light and strong red rim lights. Kernas, a smaller charr with dark gray fur is lying on a steel examination table, while Kaelgor, a larger charr with light gray fur and stripes, looms over him, pinning down his arms from behind his head. Their noses are almost touching and both are looking at each other with a mischievous grin. Computer consoles are glowing in the background, out of focus.

When you want to have a fun time with your mate, you can go to a nice restaurant, to a beach… or to an Inquest lab. Shh, don’t judge them.

3D Art — March 11, 2024

Kung Fu Schi3D outfit
3D render of a male charr wearing a bamboo hat with holes made to fit his horns, and a black coat and pauldrons with gold accents over a jade green shirt and purple pants. He's holding a shining dagger in his right paw.

3D outfit commission for Kuragari, featuring a new Cantha-themed outfit for their charr Kernas Schi!

3D Art — May 5, 2023

Swapped TonicsPrompt 121: SCIENCE
3D render of two male charr standing in a dark library. The tiny charr (Yami Whitemane) on the left is holding a miniature tonic that’s glowing with rainbow colors. He’s reaching up to a the giant charr on the right (Kernas Schi), more than double his size, who is grinning and holding an orange-glowing embiggening tonic above Yami’s head where he can’t reach it.

Yami and Kernas decided to swap tonics so Kernas could be the big charr for once. Problem is, I don’t think he wants to give it back…

3D Art — March 28, 2023

Dragonjade MishapPrompt 113: JADE
3D close-up render of a male charr (Kernas Schi) standing in a dark library with mysterious, colorful lighting - bright blue/green from the left and his front, dark purple from the right and his back. Kernas is holding his left paw, which has been partially transformed into a green crystal that seems to be slowly growing up his arm. He’s staring at it with a surprised expression.

Be careful when experimenting with Dragonjade!

3D Art — January 27, 2023

Freestyle MeditationPrompt 105: LOTUS
3D render featuring a male charr (Kernas Schi) with dark gray fur and a long purple mane. He is floating above a giant magical lotus flower glowing with golden light, in the middle of a quiet sea with a golden sunrise in the background. Instead of the typical lotus meditation pose, he’s hanging haphazardly in mid-air and looking at the viewer, mostly on his back with arms and legs splayed in all directions, like he’s trying to regain his balance in zero gravity.

Looks like Kernas is still figuring out how that Mystical Lotus Chair works. Does this thing come with a manual?

3D Art — December 2, 2022

Under the StarsPrompt 97: HARMONY
3D nighttime scene with three charr (Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi) lying peacefully in long blue-ish grass, looking up at the stars. The composition and colors are similar to a scene with Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon from The Lion King.

“Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?” Yami, Ferox, and Kernas having a peaceful moment under the stars, for the prompt HARMONY from my patron Kuragari. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — September 30, 2022

3D rendered group picture featuring four charr posing like in a family picture, with significant size differences. From largest to smallest: Yami Whitemane (back left), Ferox Blackmane (back right, half a head smaller than Yami), Kianga Snowstorm (front left, head reaching Ferox’s shoulders), and Kernas Schi (front right, head just barely reaching Kianga’s chest).

They keep getting bigger! Group picture featuring Kuragari’s charr Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi, with my warrior in the middle. At least he’s not the smallest one!

3D Art — June 29, 2022

Special CollectionsPrompt 81: TOME
3D render of a charr (Kernas Schi) in full Astral Scholar outfit (dark purple robe, gold accents, blue glowing gems) standing in a huge, dimly lit library. The shelves are packed with books, and so tall we can’t see the ceiling. He’s holding a red tome in his left hand, and pointing a sharp claw on his other hand at books in the shelf in front of him.

Kernas visiting the Priory’s special collections on some arcane business. Don’t forget to trim your claws! For the prompt TOME from my patron Kuragari—thank you for your support! 💖

3D Art — June 10, 2022

Darth KernasPrompt 66: SITH
3D render of Kernas Schi, a charr wearing elegant black clothing with gold accents and blue glowing elements. He’s standing in a sci-fi corridor that could be from one of the Star Wars movies. In his right paw he’s wielding a lightsaber, extended and glowing bright red, and his left paw is raised threateningly towards the viewer.

Kernas wants you to join the Dark Side, and I don’t think you’ll have much choice in the matter.

3D Art — February 18, 2022

AstralariaPrompt 58: STARS

Kernas Schi wielding Astralaria, perhaps my favorite legendary weapon from the game. ✨

3D Art — December 17, 2021

Part two of a big project featuring Kernas, this time with a full outfit based on the Astral Scholar Outfit from the game. Hope you like him!

3D Art — November 4, 2021

Full-body character commission for Kuragari of their smol fluffy charr, Kernas. To better demonstrate the full extent of his smolness, I’ve included a group picture with Kianga and Ferox (who also belongs to Kuragari). Charr come in all sizes!

3D Art — October 5, 2021

A Frost Legion version of Kernas Schi, based on a previous sculpt. Less fluffy, but still handsome!

3D Art — January 18, 2021

Second Charrtober Special commission featuring Kernas Schi - thank you for the commission! 💜

3D Art, Animation — November 5, 2020