Kianga Snowstorm

Charr warrior, legionnaire of Snow Warband
Paw Day3D scene

Stretch that leggy for Paw Day!

3D Art — May 20, 2023

The TrophyPrompt 120: FIGHTING
3D render of my charr warrior Kianga Snowstorm, and my patron’s charr elementalist, Ignado Flaredancer in a modern-day office environment at night. Both are in their battle outfits and facing each other as if in combat. The viewer is behind a desk with an “employee of the month” trophy sitting on it that is suspiciously shaped like a butt plug. Both charr are staring at it—Kianga with a horrified expression, Ignado with a mischievous smirk. The scene is a recreation of a similar scene from the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.

I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once last weekend. Definitely one of the more memorable films I’ve seen…

3D Art — March 17, 2023

Keep ClimbingPrompt 119: EVERYTHING
3D render of a shirtless male charr (Kianga Snowstorm) climbing a steep orange cliff against a deep blue sky, with the bright sunlight accentuating his muscles. He’s looking upwards with a determined expression, holding on to the cliff wall with his left hand and foot, while his right limbs are relaxed and dangling in the air.

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

3D Art — March 10, 2023

A drawing by Logan on ArtStation, featuring my warrior sitting peacefully near a stream. We have a little stream nearby and I wish I could sit like that sometimes, but here in the city it doesn’t look quite as peaceful.

By Logan West — February 4, 2023

QuintessentialPrompt 111: QUINTESSENTIAL
3D render of a male charr with an eye patch, shirtless but wearing steel leg armor and boots. He’s standing in dark room, presumably a training area in some basement, leaning casually against a steel pipe with one foot resting on another pipe at ground level. He’s pointing at his chest with his right thumb and grinning proudly at the viewer. The rest of his armor is piled on a crate in the background.

My patron Lyca gave me the prompt QUINTESSENTIAL for this week and what can I say, humility is not a charr virtue…

3D Art — January 13, 2023

My friend Sayna surprised me with this on New Year’s Eve, and it’s part of a larger scene with many other characters!

By Sayna Jaye — January 3, 2023

Digital colored bust drawing of my charr warrior looking to the side: brown fur, light gray muzzle, white horns. His right eye is a bright yellow, his left eye is covered with a red eye patch that's attached to his horns.

A beautiful drawing of my charr warrior that I received around Christmas from my friend Bolty.

By Bolty — December 25, 2022

CompanionshipPrompt 108: COMPANIONSHIP
3D render of two male charr (Warrick Ashblood and Kianga Snowstorm) standing in an icy cave while wearing only Christmas hats and red shorts with white floof. They’re in a side hug and smiling at the viewer.

Sometimes all you need to stay warm is a friend!

3D Art — December 23, 2022

I wanted to do at least a little scene for this year’s Charrtober so I let my patrons pick a prompt from the list. Here is a very FURRY Kianga—my first serious experiment with realistic 3D fur. Pet that belly at your own risk!

3D Art — October 31, 2022

3D render of a male charr warrior (Kianga Snowstorm) sitting topless on a large rock somewhere in the desert. Neither the tree nor the giant tank in the background provide much shade. He’s holding a steel canteen in his right paw, and his head with the other paw, clearly exhausted from the heat.

It’s 34 °C today and I hope you’re having a better time than this warrior. Stay hydrated!

3D Art — August 4, 2022

3D close-up render of a male charr (Kianga Snowstorm). The left half of his face has been completely replaced with steel parts, including his fangs, horns, and hair. He’s grinning and looking at the viewer with his one remaining natural eye, the other glowing with an ominous red laser light.

He’ll need your clothes, your boots, and your catnip. Inspired by the prompt METAMORPHOSIS from my patron Lyca, I guess this is what would happen if Iron Legion and the Inquest joined forces: a charr terminator. That was fun! Thank you, Lyca, for your support!

3D Art — July 22, 2022

A surprise sketch page from my friend Sayna, featuring four drawings of my charr warrior.

By Sayna Jaye — July 1, 2022

3D rendered group picture featuring four charr posing like in a family picture, with significant size differences. From largest to smallest: Yami Whitemane (back left), Ferox Blackmane (back right, half a head smaller than Yami), Kianga Snowstorm (front left, head reaching Ferox’s shoulders), and Kernas Schi (front right, head just barely reaching Kianga’s chest).

They keep getting bigger! Group picture featuring Kuragari’s charr Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi, with my warrior in the middle. At least he’s not the smallest one!

3D Art — June 29, 2022

Physics & Blood WhiskeyPrompt 78: FULCRUM
3D render of two charr in a bar (Ripa Soulkeeper on the left, Kianga Snowstorm on the right) standing on a plank balanced on top of a whiskey barrel. They’re probably drunk, wearing armor only up to the waist, one hand on each other’s shoulder and the other raised holding a whiskey bottle. More bottles and barrels are strewn all over scene.

This week’s prompt is FULCRUM from my patron Ripa, and our two charr have kindly volunteered to demonstrate this physical concept, with the help of a barrel of Blood Whiskey. Or two. As always, thank you for your support! 💖

3D Art — May 20, 2022

3D render of my charr warrior, Kianga Snowstorm, sitting in a kind of cross-legged pose against a simple red background. His hands are resting on his feet in front of him, and he’s looking at the viewer like a cat lost in thought. No clothes except for his eye patch, but sensitive parts are covered due to the pose.

Big cat, but still cat. Just a quick silly scene inspired by a prompt from SkiaSkai on Twitter to draw our fursonas sitting like their cat.

3D Art — May 8, 2022

Indoor scene featuring my charr warrior standing ready for battle with a smug grin. He’s wielding a large spiked shield in his left hand and a battle axe in his right hand, but his clothing is rather insufficient for combat: only his signature red eye patch and minimal Blood Legion themed underwear. Behind him, four colorful warrior banners from the game are leaning against a wall covered with random pipes.

A few days ago I saw a tweet talking about “insufficiently covered warriors” and I thought, Kianga knows a thing or two about that! Nothing groundbreaking here, just wanted to do a fun scene after working for weeks on my last commission. Hope you don’t mind. 😼 Inspired by this tweet.

3D Art — April 26, 2022

Pool PartyPrompt 70: PARTY

Birthday pool party for Lacsap! A belated happy birthday to you, and thank you for your support! 💕 I hope you’ll all enjoy your weekend as much as these three!

3D Art — March 25, 2022

“Is it done? Can I look?” Kianga posing for Bao, who painted this portrait for me back in 2018. For the prompt “art” - thank you, Bao, for your art AND your support! 💕

3D Art — March 11, 2022

Remember to start your week with a big stretch! Some quick comfort art for your Monday! (I totally didn’t spend four hours trying to come up with a background for this, no.)

3D Art — February 21, 2022

3D close-up render of my charr warrior Kianga Snowstorm, with a red eye patch on his left eye, sleeping shirtless and peacefully in the grass under a cherry tree.

I don’t think charr care much for Valentine’s Day. Shh, just let him sleep.

3D Art — February 13, 2022

Black Lion KeyPrompt 61: KEY

Excited warrior! He found a key! (And he’s gonna get a revive orb.) For the prompt KEY from my patron Bao - thank you for your support! 💕

3D Art — January 7, 2022

Kianga Fights for Blood! Awesome Smash-themed gift art from my friend Kuragari.

By Kuragari — December 26, 2021

Wintersday 2021Prompt 59: CONTRADICTION

Kianga is on his way to spread some Wintersday cheer! Based on the prompt CONTRADICTION from my patron Drizzlebone. Thank you for your support, and a happy Wintersday - hope you’ll have a blast! 🎄🧨

3D Art — December 24, 2021

Originally I wanted to render an animation with all the charr I’d ever made here, but it turned out Blender and/or my hardware can’t handle this. A whole legion of Kiangas worked fine though!

3D Art, Animation — October 30, 2021

Cocktail glass filled with a black oily liquid and decorated with blueberries, with Kianga's paw resting next to it.

Iron Legion calls this one “Engine Grease” and you probably don’t want to know how it’s made.

3D Art — October 28, 2021

Kianga howling at the sky against a huge full moon. No clothes (but shadows for decency), his muzzle is elongated like a wolf's, spikes are growing from his shoulders, and his eyes, mouth, and hands are glowing with fiery magic.

If you think werewolves are dangerous, imagine what ancient magic the curse of lycanthropy might awaken in a charr.

3D Art — October 27, 2021

Kianga sitting at a table, looking frustrated at a pile of screws, bolts, and other parts that belong to some kind of weapon. He's sitting next to a box that looks like packaging for a child's toy: bright colors, and text in New Krytan that reads: NEW / CANTHAN GUNSABER / FOR BIG WARRIORS ONLY / SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

“The latest in weapons technology from Cantha”, that dealer from Lion’s Arch had said. If only it had come with assembly instructions.

3D Art — October 23, 2021

How would a charr soldier wear their dog tag? A chain around their massive neck would have to be awkwardly long, so I thought: why not use an engraved wristband instead? Maybe not exactly “ingenious” but I just wanted to make something shiny and mechanical and I’ve had this wristband dog tag idea for a while now. Seemed like a good opportunity. 😼

3D Art, Animation — October 22, 2021

“Titan’s Blood” was a popular cocktail among the shamans of the old Flame Legion. Needless to say, it’s a little… spicy. Thanks to my patron Ignado for the name suggestion!

3D Art — October 21, 2021

Long or short tail fur? I can promise you, it won’t make a difference if you meet them on the battlefield.

3D Art — October 19, 2021

Mmm, hot springs! Time for a warrior to relax with his, uh, Blood Legion tactical water exercise… duck. Sponsored by my patron Warrick!

3D Art — October 17, 2021

Shhh, don’t wake the sleeping warriors… The charr plushie was made by my partner Kiza - check out his original render too. I added a simple rig so I could pose it for this scene.

3D Art — October 15, 2021

The “Slice and Dice” is a Blood Legion favorite: Blood whiskey, a slice of blood orange, and raw diced beef. Mmmm. What? What’s wrong with some meat in your whiskey?

3D Art — October 14, 2021

“Weightlifting with gym equipment? Come on, that’s for cubs.” Sponsored by my patron Lacsap - thank you for your support! 💕

3D Art — October 11, 2021

While “head through the wall” can indeed be a viable tactic, it is important to recognize the difference between a brick wall and steel-reinforced concrete.

3D Art — October 10, 2021

For the four legion prompts this Charrtober, we’re mixing cocktails: The Cloak and Dagger (shaken and stirred) is popular among Ash Legion agents - goes down smooth but packs a punch! Thank you to my patron Ignado for the drinks idea, and to Tabra for the name of this cocktail.

3D Art — October 7, 2021

I wonder who would build a grenade disguised as an apple… 🤔 In memory of Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw, of course. 🍎

3D Art — October 5, 2021

This place is crazier than the Mad King’s Labyrinth… For this prompt, I wanted to make one of those “weird geometry” environments. I actually rebuilt the whole place from M. C. Escher’s “Relativity” which was a mistake because it cost me like half a day, and it turned out very difficult to light properly. Eventually I ran out of time and used only a smaller part of it for the final scene… On the positive side though, I had a lot of fun building this.

3D Art — October 3, 2021

Oh no, it’s an ambush! 🙀 Perhaps not entirely in-character for those two, but I guess even Blood centurions can be silly sometimes!

3D Art — October 2, 2021

Kianga hasn’t figured out yet how to stop bullets in mid-air, but he’s gotten pretty good at dodging them! A little homage to The Matrix, for the first day of Charrtober: NIMBLE.

3D Art, Animation — October 1, 2021

Happy Biceptember from Kianga! Just a little bit of motivation to start off the week. 💪

3D Art — September 6, 2021

Kianga no Kianga why (Tried to do the Jack-O pose… at least as far as I can manage with his rig. He’s not getting younger, you know?)

3D Art — August 31, 2021

VaccinatedPrompt 46: LIBERATION
3D art of a shirtless charr warrior wearing an eyepatch and a black and red plaster on his left shoulder. Left fist clenched, right paw holding his arm, looking directly at the viewer.

One less enemy to worry about. Fully vaccinated warrior, for the prompt “liberation” from my patron Ripa. Blood Legion has the coolest (war)band-aids. A personal note: Just because vaccinations aren’t a big deal for some doesn’t mean everyone can be so relaxed. I’ve had some traumatic experiences with doctors in my childhood, and my relationship with medical procedures is rather tense. Getting vaccinated is the right thing to do, but I felt that neither traditional nor social media were helping much with that.

3D Art — August 23, 2021

Rainbow ButtPrompt 39: PRANK

“You call that a prank? I’ll wear it with pride!” Based on the prompt “prank” from my patron Warrick, here’s a slightly risky rainbow butt for Pride Month. 🌈

3D Art — June 25, 2021

It’s the Blood Legion summer collection! I found this meme on Twitter and thought it would make a fun diversion between commission work.

3D Art — June 18, 2021

Charr Island V: RefreshmentsPrompt 36: REFRESHMENTS

Our charr vacation draws to an end - thank you, Garro, for the refreshments, and for your support! 💛

3D Art — May 29, 2021

Charr Island IV: PartyPrompt 35: PARTY

Not sure if Crab Limbo is a thing, but with charr it probably would be.

3D Art — May 28, 2021

Charr Island III: IndomitablePrompt 34: INDOMITABLE

Looks like dinner on Charr Island isn’t going down without a fight…

3D Art — May 24, 2021

Charr Island II: WaterPrompt 33: WATER
3D render of a male charr (Kianga Snowstorm) near a tropical beach, both the character and camera half-submerged in crystal-blue water. He has his arms raised slightly above the water and is looking curiously at a school of Sergeant major fish swimming close to him. There is a tropical island with a single palm tree in the background.

Kianga, stop playing with that fish - someone needs rescuing!

3D Art — May 13, 2021


As the last prompt for this month I had “autodefenestration”, or “the act of jumping, propelling oneself, or causing oneself to fall, out of a window”. Apparently that is a thing! 🤔

3D Art — April 30, 2021

A cute colored sketch of my charr warrior along with a few others by Blue_Rubus on Twitter.

By Soup — April 27, 2021

Blood Legion fits, at any cost.

3D Art — April 22, 2021

My fierce charr warrior in plushie form, made in 3D by my partner Kiza!

By Kiza — April 19, 2021

AllergiesPrompt 29: ALLERGIES

“Ugh, it’s that time again…” Thank you, Bao, for the prompt, and for your support! 💜

3D Art — April 16, 2021

It could be worse… I think?

3D Art — April 1, 2021

I’m still working on our next VRChat charr, but as a quick weekend project I thought I’d try making a (very short) visual novel with Ren’Py. You can play it in your web browser! Don’t expect anything spectacular - I used only screenshots from Guild Wars 2 for this, and dialogue I originally wrote for a Q&A thing on Tumblr. But it was a fun project, and I might play more with the idea in the future.

Visual Novel, Writing — March 27, 2021

DespairPrompt 25: DESPAIR

Ever felt like the whole world is conspiring to drag you down?

3D Art — March 23, 2021

FeatherPrompt 23: FEATHER

Physics fact: Did you know that a feather and a fully armored charr will fall at the same speed? … at least in a vacuum. For the prompt “feather” from my patron Bao, Kianga has kindly volunteered to demonstrate this.

3D Art — March 18, 2021

Practice art by Rengyr based on my scene QUIET from the 28 Portrait Challenge.

By Rengyr — February 23, 2021

If you beat your head against the wall, it is your head that breaks and not the wall? Whoever said that has obviously never met a charr.

3D Art — February 22, 2021

Spiritual isn’t a word that I’d usually associate with Citadel charr. (Different story with Olmakhan, of course.) But for a regular charr soldier, the closest thing they have to a “religion” is probably their legion?

3D Art — February 15, 2021

I hope I’m not boring people with these daily scenes. I know they’re not terribly exciting, but I find them relaxing and it’s kinda fun to try and come up with new ideas using only poses and lighting.

3D Art — February 11, 2021

Most shy expressions I looked up for reference had both hands covering the face somehow, I’m just glad he has a tail too. 😼

3D Art — February 10, 2021

Cooking ContestPrompt 19: HONOR

Not all honor is won on the battlefield - some of the most glorious battles happen in the kitchen. For the prompt “honor” from my patron Ripa, I tried to design a charr trophy - first place in the annual Butcher’s Block cooking contest! Thank you, Ripa, for your support! 🧡

3D Art — February 10, 2021

Made two versions for this prompt. The second one probably feels more chaotic, but I thought it was relying too much on the background texture, while the whole point of the portrait exercise was practicing poses and expressions. I still like it though, so I kept both.

3D Art — February 9, 2021

Tomes of KnowledgePrompt 18: EXPERIENCE

“I don’t mind reading one book, but 674 of them? And they’re all the same!” Tome of Knowledge: Double-click to consume. I really got some use out of that asset huh? Silly scene for the prompt “experience” from my patron Tabra. Thank you for your support! 💛

3D Art — February 9, 2021

Be My Compass?Prompt 17: ROMANCE

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day from Kianga! I hadn’t planned to do a Valentine’s scene this year, but when I got the prompt “romance” from my patron Warrick it was the perfect opportunity. The dandelions (and title) are a little nod to Far Beyond the World. 😼 Of course we’re a bit early for Valentine’s Day, but since I’ve got a full schedule this month I wanted to have this prepared in advance.

3D Art — February 8, 2021

I’m not quite sure if “cheeky” is the best word for this one, but I guess it’s cute at least. I just knew I wanted something with a blep. 😼

3D Art — February 6, 2021

The idea for today’s prompt “mysterious” was stolen, err, inspired by this gorgeous art by Vae:

3D Art — February 4, 2021