Black jaguar
Kianga JaguarFursuit

Fursuit for my black jaguar fursona (work in progress)

Crafting — November 29, 2023

Pencil bust sketch of my jaguar fursona

A pencil sketch of my jaguar fursona made by my friend Mad Kakerlaken, drawing while we were hanging out in front of the CCH at Eurofurence 27.

By Mad Kakerlaken — September 5, 2023

Digital bust of a smiling anthropomorphic jaguar with dark gray fur and golden eyes, with a bright rainbow-colored outline.

A rainbow-themed icon of my jaguar fursona I commissioned from my friend Vae. I also got a stack of white vinyl stickers printed by StickerApp, and turned the icon into a laminated con badge with a rainbow lanyard.

By Vae — May 3, 2023

Colored bust drawing of my jaguar fursona with dark fur and bright yellow eyes, smiling gently at the viewer.

A beautiful Christmas surprise from my friend Valynxia!

By Valynxia — December 24, 2022

Digital colored bust drawing of an anthropomorphic black jaguar in side view, flexing his right arm and smiling at the viewer. He has a red cloth tied around his wrist and an flag with asexual pride colors draped over his shoulder and arm.

An icon commission drawn by my friend Sayna Jaye for Pride Month 2022, featuring my jaguar fursona with an asexual pride flag!

By Sayna Jaye — May 27, 2022

Drawing of a black jaguar with golden eyes, sitting on his haunches with his tail wrapped around him. He has a red cloth wrapped around his right front paw.

Art of my jaguar fursona, drawn by Danero!

By Danero — April 1, 2017

My jaguar fursona stalking the jungle, drawn by Danero!

By Danero — February 25, 2017

Digital art of a feline eye close-up, exquisitely detailed with black fur and a golden iris, looking directly at the viewer

The very first piece of art I ever commissioned of my jaguar fursona was this eye icon by Twilight Saint made in 2015.

By Twilight Saint — June 21, 2015

This was a birthday present from my friend Sichi—I was really into The Lord of the Rings at the time, and this was such an awesome surprise. I believe it was also the very first anthro art of my jaguar fursona that I’ve ever received!

By Sichi — December 27, 2001

Traditional painting of a jaguar on the prowl, with strong saturated colors against a black background.

The oldest piece of art I have of my fursona, a painting by my partner Kiza in 1999.

By Kiza — January 1, 1999