Loki Roland

Happy birthday to my paw-some friend Loki! Don’t worry, these cookies come in charr-sized boxes. 💕

3D Art — February 6, 2020

Here’s Loki all dressed up and ready for Pride Month! Is he proud of his fabulous jacket, his fancy sunglasses, or maybe his cute paws? Probably all of them!

3D Art — June 26, 2019

Would you care to join this handsome gentlecharr for a game of Sandstorm? (You’ll probably leave with significantly less coin, but you’ll have a great time anyway!) Loki needed a more presentable outfit than his old loincloth, so we came up with this fancy suit for him. As you can see, charr can look amazing even when not covered in spikes. (Although I was tempted for a moment to add some, just because.

3D Art — May 30, 2019

Last December, my friend Loki commissioned TideKeeper to draw our two charr having a quiet moment together. This is my interpretation of the same scene in 3D. Thank you again Loki for the gift, and TideKeeper for the sweet art! <3 I’ve used a different lighting setup here and some post-processing to get something closer to the original art style. I like the result, and I might experiment more in that direction!

3D Art — April 29, 2019

A scene from Loki’s past, struggling to adapt to life with just one eye. There are moments when things become too much even for a charr warrior… Full story written by Loki: “It was the longest day of my life… From the moment I woke up and bashed my head against the bunk. Everything felt wrong, looked wrong, WAS wrong. Stumbling through the streets like a warband hyped on citadel whiskey after a successful mission.

3D Art — March 28, 2019

You know how cats love to sleep in positions that cannot possibly be comfortable? Looks like charr do that too. Patreon reward for Loki - thank you for your support! <3

3D Art — February 26, 2019

Two derps, just one pair of eyes - and probably a lot of blood whiskey… Happy Birthday Loki, and a Happy Lunar New Year to you all! I wish I had a third charr model I could include here, because it’s another birthday today, of a fierce charr lady and artist I respect a lot: @charrior-of-ash on Tumblr - Please stay awesome, all of you! <3

3D Art — February 6, 2019

It seems that Loki has a different opinion. A response to yesterday’s response to Danero’s drawing of Arcdanis giving people a stern reminder to be decent. (Confused yet?) Dangit Loki, people will never listen to Kianga if you give them this cute smile.

3D Art — January 25, 2019

Here’s the first custom charr model I’ve made as a Patreon reward: Loki Roland. The model is based on my previous charr, with more detailed hair and paws. Lucky for me, Loki is also a Blood Legion warrior, so I could reuse Kianga’s eye patch design and the loincloth. I still made a new and more detailed loincloth texture for him, because the old one had some technical issues. Overall this was a lot of fun, and I learned some new modeling techniques along the way - I’ll definitely use this kind of hair again for future models.

3D Art — January 6, 2019

A gift from my friend Loki, our two charr warriors having a sweet moment together—drawn by TideKeeper.

By TideKeeper — December 21, 2018