Seraphis Zurvan

Seraphis ZurvanVTuber avatar

3D character commission for Seraphis: my first quadrupedal dragon, as a VTuber avatar! You might also see him in VR at some point, but that’s going to take a bit more work still.

3D Art, Virtual Reality — October 24, 2023

Wrath of the DragonPrompt 104: SUFFERING
3D close-up render of an anthropomorphic dragon (Seraphis Zurvan) staring down at the viewer, sparks and flames coming from his muzzle. He’s holding a vicious looking dagger in his right hand that glows with magical energy.

Whatever you just did, you’re going to regret it…

3D Art — November 18, 2022

For Your TroublesPrompt 96: CONDESCEND
3D render of a bipedal dragon (Seraphis Zurvan) standing on a large pile of gold coins, weapons, and other assorted treasure, his wings held protectively over the pile. He is staring in fascination at a large number of gold coins in his right hand, so many that they’re slipping out of his hand and falling down again. His left hand is extended towards the viewer, offering them two small silver coins. For your troubles.

When adventuring with dragons, remember that once you’ve found the hidden treasure, it is considered polite to leave the dragon alone with it. For the prompt CONDESCEND from my patron Seraphis. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — September 23, 2022

Combined PowerPrompt 88: POWER
3D close-up render of an anthropomorphic dragon (Seraphis Zurvan) on the left and a charr (Ignado Flaredancer) on the right doing a “modern” handshake. Glowing runes running along Seraphis’ body illuminate Ignado’s face, while a fireball in Ignado’s hand illuminates Seraphis’ face. The dragon’s left wing covers most of the background, held in a way that shields them both from the environment.

The combined power of a dragon and a charr, for the prompt POWER from my patron Ignado aka Seraphis! Thank you for your mighty support!

3D Art — July 29, 2022

Seraphis ZurvanVRChat Avatar
3D render of a bipedal dragon standing in a cavern with wings extended. Fiery light illuminates him from below. His body is covered in glossy black scales, with a row of larger sharp light gray scales on his chest. Magical symbols run from his neck to his legs and also along his tail, glowing with a golden light.

VRChat avatar commission for Seraphis Zurvan, in collaboration with Rengyr

3D Art, Virtual Reality — June 22, 2022