Skarr Blacksnow

Charr necromancer
AftermathPrompt 103: FEAST
3D render of a male charr (Skarr Blacksnow) lying on a large table with empty plates and little scraps of food all around him. He’s half passed out, still holding a meat drumstick in his right paw dangling from the table.

Looks like you missed the feast. Better luck next time!

3D Art — November 11, 2022

3D render of a male charr with gray fur and a yellow mane, holding a massive bazooka-like weapon. It has multiple exhausts which are glowing brightly. Another weapon rests next to him on a steel crate, with painted-on text more clearly visible. It says "Medizooka Mk. 1, Blood Legion" in large white letters. Towards the front there's a red arrow with the smaller text "This end towards patient" and "Apply directly to forehead".

“Did someone call a medic?” Skarr is excited about getting to heal the warband by shooting them. For some reason his ‘bandmates do not quite share his enthusiasm.

3D Art — October 3, 2020

3D render of a male charr with blue eyes, dark grey fur, and a yellow mane against a dark background with barbed wire. He's shirtless and gently holding a paw over his left arm, where some scars are visible - they look self-inflicted.

Charr are proud of their scars. They remind us of battles we’ve survived, and that we’re still standing. But not all scars come from the battlefield - some battles are fought within ourselves. Are they worth less, or more?

3D Art — October 2, 2020

GardenPrompt 7: GARDEN
3D render of a male charr with blue eyes, a yellow mane, and dark gray fur, looking with fascination at a bonsai tree in a hexagonal clay pot. His right paw is close to the tree, claws almost touching it, the other is resting on the wooden table where some green leaves have fallen. It's an indoor scene but there are warm sunbeams coming from the left, and there's a blue butterfly sitting on one of the branches.

During the warband’s last visit to Lion’s Arch they came across a human merchant who sold tiny trees. Said they came from Cantha, but surely that can’t be right? In any case, Skarr decided they’re adorable (the trees, not the merchant) and had to buy one.

3D Art — September 14, 2020

My friend EvilPol drew these cute sketches of my entire charr warband!

By EvilPol — July 13, 2020

My second charr in the new style: Skarr Blacksnow, necromancer and Snow Warband’s medic. His bedside manners always raise the warband’s spirits. (Get it? Raise the… yes, yes, I’ll show myself out.)

3D Art — July 7, 2020

Do not get between a charr and his burger. I think I want to do more food scenes - I never thought sculpting burger sauce could be so much fun.

3D Art — August 28, 2019

The warband’s been enjoying their summer holidays, but things are about to get a little heated… This scene went through so many iterations. Originally I planned to have it resemble the Labyrinthine Cliffs, but I wasn’t happy with the color scheme and the mood it set - so in the end I decided to go with a more neutral tropical beach look. Kianga’s awesome Blood Legion beach chair in this scene was generously contributed by my partner Keeya.

3D Art — August 9, 2019

My charr necromancer, Skarr Blacksnow, as a small cub practicing his hunting skills. Make sure you check out the other charr cubs too!

By Wilderwuff — May 23, 2019

Question from baomooshka via Tumblr: “Whole warband: Do they struggle with any mental health issues?” Nah, they’re perfectly healthy. I mean… from time to time, we all get these strange urges to jump over pools of molten lava for no apparent reason, but that’s nothing to be concerned about, right? I went back to the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle for this one. So many fond memories…

3D Art — April 22, 2019

A whole icon set of my charr warband, drawn by Ilona!

By Ilona — April 11, 2019

The first rule of the Book Club is: We do not talk about the Book Club. Credits to ProperDave for the New Krytan typeface I’ve used here:

3D Art — March 27, 2019

They’re all pretty big charr, but Kianga is the tallest (maximum height in game) and Chui is the shortest (around 30% in game). As for my 3D models, Kianga is about 2.47 m (8 ft 1 in) tall at the shoulder and almost 3 m (9 ft) at the upper tip of his horns, while Chui is about 2.25 m (7 ft 5 in) and 2.6 m (8 ft 5 in).

3D Art — March 20, 2019

“The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts. It never helps. You fight through that shit.” Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction) Also watch this short video of Ving Rhames accepting a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Mini-Series. I imagine Skarr having both sides: He can be a cold and brutal necromancer in battle, but also sweet and humble when he’s among friends.

3D Art — March 4, 2019

To the Guild Wars 2 team: Thank you for the past seven years - for putting your hearts into this game, for bringing new friends together, and for inspiring so many to create and to make this world a more friendly and colorful place.

3D Art — February 26, 2019

Response to a question by Haruka Emberfall on Tumblr: “I dont recall seeing any of the bandmates sleeping yet. Could we see them cozying up for a good night’s sleep in the barracks?” Yes, our grumpy necromancer has a little plushie for sleeping. Yes, he made it himself. No, you don’t want to ask about the dry rattling sound it makes. I originally wanted to show more of them in the same scene, but the layout of their sleeping quarters makes that difficult.

3D Art — January 15, 2019

Patching up a warrior’s bruised arms and legs is easy. Patching up his bruised ego can be a lot harder. I made this scene before I played the latest episode, but this feels more relevant now.

3D Art — January 8, 2019

A little birthday present for my most awesome (and only) Branded friend, Sam. The spooky glowing present in the background was contributed by Keeya Snowtail, and I cannot vouch for its contents. Open at your own risk.

3D Art — December 23, 2018

This may not quite qualify as silent night, but it’s as close as you can get with a Blood Legion warband. I wish you all pleasant holidays, with lots of fun and food and most importantly the chance to spend time with the ones you love. Happy Wintersday!

3D Art — December 23, 2018

Snow Warband presents the latest advance in Pact technology: The Platform for Armed Wintersday Celebration (short: P.A.W.C.) Developed in cooperation with the best Legion engineers, it’s got guns, bayonets, flamethrowers, mortars, deadly spikes, and plenty of space for festive decorations. Celebrating Wintersday in charr style! Keeya Snowtail was busy doing, er, mesmer things and couldn’t attend the photoshoot, but also sends her greetings (artwork by our guild leader, Minarr Howlfury). A wonderful Wintersday to all of you!

3D Art — December 16, 2018

“Um, boss? Are you sure you’ve ordered a Wintersday tree and not a tank?” Continuing from last week, they’ve started assembling… something. With various degrees of efficiency. Looking at you, Storm. Speaking of fun, all the Wintersday cookies in this scene were lovingly baked, modeled, and textured by my partner, Keeya Snowtail.

3D Art — December 9, 2018

“Guys, get up! Our Wintersday supplies have arrived, it’s time to decorate!” Not everyone in the warband shares Kianga’s excitement for Wintersday. Especially not at five in the morning. First full scene with the whole warband! This one is inspired by the sleeping area in Hero’s Canton. I’ve always found it a little strange that charr have their beds right next to the showers, but I guess it’s efficient…? Happy holidays to you all!

3D Art — December 4, 2018

With most members of Snow Warband, it’s okay to start a little bar brawl - all in good fun. With Skarr… I wouldn’t recommend it. Skarr Blacksnow, necromancer, medic, and obviously the warband’s most charming member. I think you can see why none of them ever get sick for long.

3D Art — November 30, 2018