Tarra Shieldcrush

Charr guardian

Tarra says freezing weather is no reason to skip your morning workout! Just a little motivation for your Monday. 😼

3D Art — February 7, 2022

Long or short tail fur? I can promise you, it won’t make a difference if you meet them on the battlefield.

3D Art — October 19, 2021

Oh no, it’s an ambush! 🙀 Perhaps not entirely in-character for those two, but I guess even Blood centurions can be silly sometimes!

3D Art — October 2, 2021

I’ve already posted a preview of her, but here is a full render of Tarra with at least some minimal clothing. Blood Legion issue, of course.

3D Art — September 14, 2021

A little preview of my next charr: not a commission this time, but Snow Warband’s centurion, Tarra Shieldcrush. Haven’t made clothes for her yet, hence the uh… creative lighting. Given her temperament, I would not recommend staring.

3D Art — August 24, 2021

A colored sketch by Wilderwuff of my charr guardian, Tarra Shieldcrush.

By Wilderwuff — June 6, 2021

A sketch page commission featuring my charr, done by the wonderful Sayna Jaye!

By Sayna Jaye — November 24, 2020

My fierce charr lady Tarra Shieldcrush, drawn by the wonderful Mad Kakerlaken!

By Mad Kakerlaken — October 10, 2020

A friend surprised me yesterday with this beautiful portrait of my charr guardian, Tarra Shieldcrush, drawn by Teva. To both of you, thank you!

By Teva — September 3, 2020

Snow Warband’s centurion has a simple and efficient command style. If you’re unsure about one of her decisions, she’s always happy to explain it to you hands on, in the Bane.

3D Art — February 25, 2020

A whole icon set of my charr warband, drawn by Ilona!

By Ilona — April 11, 2019

Colored sketch of my charr guardian, Tarra Shieldcrush, drawn by Wilderwuff!

By Wilderwuff — March 23, 2019

“A friend you can trust is more precious than any gold in the world.” Seriously, Romans. Did it have to be XXX for number 30, especially when this scene turned out a little more cuddly than I had planned? I mean, it’s perfectly normal for good friends to hug naked - right?

3D Art — October 30, 2018