Thel Victus

We’ll never know what has him so fascinated, but one thing is certain: Thel’s beach parties are legendary. Patreon reward for the most wonderful Coffee Kitten! ☕😼

3D Art — May 5, 2020

“My friend Thel has been giving me lots of useful business advice, and I thought I’d return the favor by giving him some combat lessons - you know, for advanced business negotiations.” “As a warrior I’ve fought with all kinds of weapons: greatswords, maces, axes, daggers, but I must admit, that dagger/coffee combo was new to me. Good thing that mug is made of solid steel.”

3D Art — August 19, 2019

This cake is made with dark chocolate and the finest Elonian coffee beans and– I know that you’re already looking at that coffee mug instead. I thought I’d get you a new one, something worthy of a charr. It’s huge, made of solid Iron Legion steel, and like anything made by charr you can probably use it as a weapon somehow. Happy birthday, Sidewinder30k! <3

3D Art — June 13, 2019

You can’t fight a war without proper supply chains. So during my last visit to Amnoon, I managed to secure a few contracts with my friend Thel (pictured here). You know, medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, um… sugar… vanilla… cocoa beans… Don’t look at me like that! Chocolate cakes are essential for troop morale. The trick is getting that first cake to my centurion before she sees the invoice. A little thank you for my patron Sidewinder30k, for his continued support and for the awesome art he got for me last month.

3D Art — June 3, 2019

Traditional sketch drawing of two charr: Kianga Snowstorm on the left holding a microphone, Thel Victus on the right holding a saxophone. They’re grinning at each other and are clearly having a blast!

“So this happened during my last visit to Amnoon. I don’t sing half as good as Thel plays the saxophone, but with enough Elonian wine (say, two full crates) anything is possible…”

By Mack — May 22, 2019

Ahh, coffee… Commission for Sidewinder30k of his charr Thel Victus, a tired but happy Iron Legion soldier. I also got to design an Iron Legion version of Kianga’s shirt, including a logo and more writing in New Krytan! For some reason writing in this language is oddly fun. Especially sideways, or even better: in circles. See if you can decipher it! I hope you like him, and thank you for the commission!

3D Art — February 22, 2019