Yami Whitemane

Shirt cut meme, aka your character in different cleavage flavors. A grid with five categories: sideboob, inner sideboob, boob window, underboob, free space.

I’ve done this meme previously with Kianga, but since I never get tired of putting charr in ridiculous outfits, I thought why not do it again? Just this time with my patrons’ characters.

3D Art — May 8, 2023

Swapped TonicsPrompt 121: SCIENCE
3D render of two male charr standing in a dark library. The tiny charr (Yami Whitemane) on the left is holding a miniature tonic that’s glowing with rainbow colors. He’s reaching up to a the giant charr on the right (Kernas Schi), more than double his size, who is grinning and holding an orange-glowing embiggening tonic above Yami’s head where he can’t reach it.

Yami and Kernas decided to swap tonics so Kernas could be the big charr for once. Problem is, I don’t think he wants to give it back…

3D Art — March 28, 2023

Under the StarsPrompt 97: HARMONY
3D nighttime scene with three charr (Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi) lying peacefully in long blue-ish grass, looking up at the stars. The composition and colors are similar to a scene with Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon from The Lion King.

“Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?” Yami, Ferox, and Kernas having a peaceful moment under the stars, for the prompt HARMONY from my patron Kuragari. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — September 30, 2022

TwilightPrompt 89: TWILIGHT
3D render of a male charr (Yami Whitemane) wearing the White Tiger outfit. He’s leaning casually on his legendary sword Twilight (larger than him) and looking directly at the viewer.

Big sword for a big charr!

3D Art — August 5, 2022

3D render of a male charr (Yami Whitemane) featuring the White Tiger Outfit from Guild Wars 2 with a red and purple color scheme: steel pauldrons and gauntlets, red cloth draped around his chest, and beige leather pants and boots with purple steel elements.

3D character & outfit commission for Kuragari, featuring Yami Whitemane wearing the White Tiger Outfit! Thank you so much for the commission! 💖 This is perhaps the most challenging outfit I’ve worked on so far. So many different parts, each requiring different modeling/sculpting techniques. Hope you like it!

3D Art — July 13, 2022

3D render of a male charr standing in a dark cavern with a relaxed pose: right paw on his hip, looking towards the right. He has a muscular build with light gray fur, brown irregular spots, and green eyes, and is wearing a kind of jockstrap with a Flame Legion design.

First half of a character & outfit commission for Kuragari. This is just the character: Yami Whitemane, Flame Legion vindicator. The outfit is coming soon, but you can already admire his uhh, spots!

3D Art — June 29, 2022

3D rendered group picture featuring four charr posing like in a family picture, with significant size differences. From largest to smallest: Yami Whitemane (back left), Ferox Blackmane (back right, half a head smaller than Yami), Kianga Snowstorm (front left, head reaching Ferox’s shoulders), and Kernas Schi (front right, head just barely reaching Kianga’s chest).

They keep getting bigger! Group picture featuring Kuragari’s charr Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi, with my warrior in the middle. At least he’s not the smallest one!

3D Art — June 29, 2022

Sculpted bust commission featuring Yami Whitemane! It was a pleasure working on your charr, thank you for the commission! 🧡

3D Art, Animation — January 4, 2021