Art challenges, memes, etc.
3D render of a bipedal dragon with wings and ear fins. His body and scales are golden orange with black hands and feet and an orange light shining from his eyes, from a gem on his forehead, and between his chest scales.

Projects done as part of my freelance work.

59 pages

3D close-up render of a male charr (Kernas Schi) standing in a dark library with mysterious, colorful lighting - bright blue/green from the left and his front, dark purple from the right and his back. Kernas is holding his left paw, which has been partially transformed into a green crystal that seems to be slowly growing up his arm. He’s staring at it with a surprised expression.

Every week one of my patrons can choose a word prompt that I’ll use as inspiration for a 3D scene.

113 pages

A series of scenes done in May 2021, featuring characters and prompts from my patrons.

5 pages

Animations of charr wearing earbuds and jamming to some cool tunes!

9 pages

3D render of my charr warrior, Kianga Snowstorm, sitting in a kind of cross-legged pose against a simple red background. His hands are resting on his feet in front of him, and he’s looking at the viewer like a cat lost in thought. No clothes except for his eye patch, but sensitive parts are covered due to the pose.

Silly random scenes based on memes I found online.

10 pages

An experimental “choose your adventure” story with 3D art featuring my charr revenant, Ark Snowblind, that I did with my patrons in early 2019.

7 pages