RGB Panther

By Vae
Digital bust of a smiling anthropomorphic jaguar with dark gray fur and golden eyes, with a bright rainbow-colored outline.
Digital artwork
Photo of a stack of white vinyl stickers with my profile icon, a smiling black jaguar with a rainbow outline. They're about twice the width of a thumb and are cut in the same shape as the icon.
Next to the stickers there's a paper card with "instructions".
First panel: Reaction when opening sticker pack. A box labeled YES shows a person with an excited expresson. A box labeled NO shows a person with a grumpy face and crossed arms.
Second panel: Handling of stickers. YES: Person taking a photo of their new stickers. NO: Person taking a selfie, ignoring the stickers.
Third panel: Placement of stickers. YES: Person wearing a yellow construction hat with a sticker placed on the hat. NO: Person wearing a yellow construction hat with sticker placed on their face.
Fourth panel: Applying stickers. YES: Person standing next to a parked car, applying a sticker to the rear windshield. NO: Person barely hanging on to a car going 50 mph, trying to apply the sticker to the windshield.
Printed stickers


A rainbow-themed icon of my jaguar fursona I commissioned from my friend Vae.

I also got a stack of white vinyl stickers printed by StickerApp!

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