EF28 Furry Fediverse Sticker

By Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
Sticker featuring three anthropomorphic characters drawn in a cartoony style: a green dragon, a gray wolf, and a calico cat. Their arms are on each others shoulders, as if posing for a group picture. The dragon is wearing a red convention badge with the text “EF28”, the wolf has a dark blue shirt with the Fediverse logo in rainbow colors, and the cat is wearing a yellow bandana with red markings and holding a cocktail in their free hand.
Digital artwork
Printed sticker


A sticker for the Fediverse meet-up at Eurofurence 28, designed by Pan Hesekiel Shiroi.

The printed version is 6.7 cm by 4.5 cm in size and was produced by StickerApp.