Terms of Service

3D Commission Terms & Conditions

  1. I accept payment via PayPal or Stripe. You will receive an invoice at the email address you provided on the commission form.
  2. For most commissions I request a 50% advance payment before work begins, but please have the full amount ready at that time. The final artwork will be delivered to you as soon as the invoice has been paid in full.
  3. I can give you an estimated time for completion once we have agreed on the details of the commission, but please understand this is not a guarantee. If you need the work done by a specific date, please let me know in advance, so I can plan accordingly.
  4. You can expect daily work-in-progress updates between Monday and Thursday. Fridays are usually reserved for my Patreon projects.
  5. My commission process is collaborative: I try to share regular progress updates with you, and your feedback is always appreciated! If you are unhappy with some aspect of my work, please don’t be afraid to let me know (better earlier than later) and I’ll try to do better.
  6. If you request significant changes to the commission after work has begun, I may ask for additional payment depending on the amount of extra work required.
  7. If you wish to cancel your commission after work has begun, you will receive a refund depending on how much work has been done until this point, but not more than 50% of the full price.
  8. I also reserve the right to cancel a commission in progress if I am unable to complete the work for any reason - personal, health, or other circumstances. In that case you will receive a refund depending on how much work has been done until this point, but not more than the amount already paid.
  9. I retain the full copyright to all commissioned artwork.
  10. You may post and share the commissioned artwork on your personal non-commercial social media profiles or websites, as long as proper credit is given and the watermark on the artwork is left intact. You may not use or share the commissioned artwork for any other purposes without my permission.
  11. I may also share the commissioned work on my own art and social media profiles, as well as works in progress with my Patreon/Ko-fi supporters. If you’d prefer the work to remain private, let me know in advance. Please understand that I may charge extra or even reject the commission in that case, since being able to share my work is important to me both for personal and business reasons.
  12. You may not modify my artwork without my permission or use it as a base for your own work.
  13. You may not sell or relicense my artwork, create cryptocurrency tokens or NFTs based on it, or use it to train machine learning or other artificial intelligence models.
  14. You retain the rights to your personal characters and designs, and I will not use them in any future work without your permission. However, to avoid unnecessary duplicated work, I reserve the right to use commissioned models (especially generic props like weapons, clothes, furniture, etc.) as a base for future work, but only in a way that does not reference specific personal designs of yours.
  15. You must be at least 18 years old in order to commission me.
  16. In addition to these terms, please read and agree to my privacy policy before commissioning me.
  17. I reserve the right to refuse commissions from anyone and for any reason. In particular, I do not take commissions from clients who are involved in NFT, cryptocurrency, or AI art businesses.

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