Art & software
DremVR avatar
3D render of an anthropomorphic blue dragon standing in a cave, admiring the claws on his hands. He has yellow eyes, and wing membranes that go from light blue at the top to beige at the bottom. He is wearing beige pants and a flight jacket with a dark blue-gray sweatshirt underneath.

VR avatar commission for Drem This was a cool design to work with - thank you for the commission, and I hope you’ll have a great time in VR!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — May 23, 2024

Paw Day 20243D scene

Kianga showing off his weapons for Paw Day, with the natural subtlety of a charr.

3D Art — May 20, 2024

Boing Boing Boing3D animation
3D animation featuring a shirtless charr jiggling his pecs while staring at the viewer. He is very muscular, has yellow fur with an orange mane, long brown horns, and his right nipple is pierced with a large gold ring.

With skills like that, Garro is probably the highlight of every party.

3D Art, Animation — March 19, 2024

Charr PecsArt meme
3D render featuring two shirtless and very muscular male charr looking down at the viewer with big grins. Their massive chests occupy most of the frame. The charr on the left has brown fur, yellow eyes, and a red eye patch, the one on the right has white fur with black tiger stripes, blue eyes, and barbell nipple piercings.

I’m a bit late with that meme, but…

3D Art — March 14, 2024

3D render of two male charr in an Inquest lab at night time, bathed in dark blue ambient light and strong red rim lights. Kernas, a smaller charr with dark gray fur is lying on a steel examination table, while Kaelgor, a larger charr with light gray fur and stripes, looms over him, pinning down his arms from behind his head. Their noses are almost touching and both are looking at each other with a mischievous grin. Computer consoles are glowing in the background, out of focus.

When you want to have a fun time with your mate, you can go to a nice restaurant, to a beach… or to an Inquest lab. Shh, don’t judge them.

3D Art — March 11, 2024

Kaelgor SchiVR avatar
3D render of a male charr with light gray fur, green eyes, a fluffy red mane, and an irregular reddish-brown fur pattern, holding up his right hand paw and looking at it while wearing only a jockstrap with the Inquest logo on it. He is standing in a dimly lit room, illuminated by strong red rim lights, with dark hexagonal floor tiles and metal vents in the background.

VR avatar commission for Jadaris, featuring their Inquest charr Kaelgor Schi!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — March 6, 2024

3D render of a male charr with brown fur, wearing stylish dark sunglasses and a black shirt and shorts. The lower half of each have a mesh design that shows the fur of his belly and thighs.

3D outfit commission for Taldren and his previously commissioned charr avatar, Taldir Ironblood, now ready for the summer! 😼

3D Art, Virtual Reality — March 1, 2024

LaeliaVRChat & VSeeFace avatar
3D render of a female anthro collie with a colorful design and a long fluffy tail. Yellow and light green fur with blue flower patterns and pink accents. She is wearing a pink bikini with rose patterns and round sunglasses sitting on her snout.

VRChat & VSeeFace avatar commission for Huxley, featuring his surfer collie Laelia with two different outfits. I loved working with this design, hope I could do her justice!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — February 19, 2024

ZvorkVRChat avatar
3D render of a sergal with a muscular build and white fur with black, bright blue, and green markings. He has large, sharp teeth, a long purple tongue that reaches almost to his belly, green paw pads and spikes on his shoulders, hips, back, and tail, and long green claws.

VR avatar commission for Zvork, featuring his fearsome were-sergal!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — December 19, 2023

Kianga JaguarFursuit

Fursuit for my black jaguar fursona (work in progress)

Crafting — November 29, 2023

Seraphis ZurvanVTuber avatar

3D character commission for Seraphis: my first quadrupedal dragon, as a VTuber avatar! You might also see him in VR at some point, but that’s going to take a bit more work still.

3D Art, Virtual Reality — October 24, 2023

Late Night Swim3D scene
3D render of a male charr in metallic red swimming trunks, standing in a swimming pool late at night. His hands are raised slightly above the water surface and he’s looking with a confident grin at something just to the side of the camera. There are Blood Legion banners hanging on a wall in the background, slightly dark and out of focus. Mostly blue-ish lighting with strong rim lights that accentuate his muscles.

Nothing like a quiet round in the swimming pool late at night. Too bad nobody can see him posing.

3D Art — September 20, 2023

XethinarVR avatar
3D render of a male charr with a heavy build, gray fur with tiger stripes, black shorts and a black and red t-shirt with the Metal Legion logo. He is cheering with his right paw in the air, making the metal "horns" sign. His purple revenant blindfold is rolled up to his forehead so his eyes - blue on the left, green on the right - are still visible.

VR avatar commission for Draeneth featuring his charr Xethinar with a Metal Legion outfit!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — August 9, 2023

Furry Fediverse Intro & Meet-UpEvent at Eurofurence 27
Furry Fediverse intro and meet-up

What’s all this stuff about Mastodon, Pixelfed, Firefish? What’s the Fediverse and what do furries have to do with it? Join us at Eurofurence 27 to find out!

August 8, 2023

Taldir IronbloodVR avatar
3D render of a male charr with brown fur and a dense fur pattern that's a mix of cheetah and leopard spots. He's wearing short jeans and a white shirt with a yellow speech bubble on it. After a few moments, his spots begin to glow in all rainbow colors.

VR avatar for Taldren, featuring his charr Taldir Ironblood with a casual outfit. Also, disco spots!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — July 19, 2023

Firestorm3D scene
3D render of a male charr elementalist with tiger stripes and white fur, wearing only a jockstrap. He is standing in a dark rocky environment and channeling fire magic, eyes and hand paws glowing glowing white-blue, rising flames around him, and the tiger stripes all over his body glowing like lava.

While playing with a glowing fur pattern for my current avatar project, I wondered: What if charr elementalists could make their stripes glow? Because that’s totally something Storm would do.

3D Art — July 5, 2023

HuxleyVRChat & VSeeFace avatar

VR and VSeeFace avatar for Huxley, featuring his original DJ outfit!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — June 22, 2023

Auto-TypographyObsidian plugin

This is a simple plugin for Obsidian that converts ASCII typography to the correct Unicode symbols for English writing, similar to the original SmartyPants plugin by John Gruber.

Software — May 21, 2023

Paw Day3D scene

Stretch that leggy for Paw Day!

3D Art — May 20, 2023

Shirt cut meme, aka your character in different cleavage flavors. A grid with five categories: sideboob, inner sideboob, boob window, underboob, free space.

I’ve done this meme previously with Kianga, but since I never get tired of putting charr in ridiculous outfits, I thought why not do it again? Just this time with my patrons’ characters.

3D Art — May 8, 2023

Kung Fu Schi3D outfit
3D render of a male charr wearing a bamboo hat with holes made to fit his horns, and a black coat and pauldrons with gold accents over a jade green shirt and purple pants. He's holding a shining dagger in his right paw.

3D outfit commission for Kuragari, featuring a new Cantha-themed outfit for their charr Kernas Schi!

3D Art — May 5, 2023

Narrow Escape3D scene

Scene commission for Ripa, following the Branded Fight scene I created for him in 2021. Looks like Ripa and Almorra escaped—barely.

3D Art — April 12, 2023

Swapped TonicsPrompt 121: SCIENCE
3D render of two male charr standing in a dark library. The tiny charr (Yami Whitemane) on the left is holding a miniature tonic that’s glowing with rainbow colors. He’s reaching up to a the giant charr on the right (Kernas Schi), more than double his size, who is grinning and holding an orange-glowing embiggening tonic above Yami’s head where he can’t reach it.

Yami and Kernas decided to swap tonics so Kernas could be the big charr for once. Problem is, I don’t think he wants to give it back…

3D Art — March 28, 2023

Tempest BloodmaneVRChat avatar
3D render of a male charr with dark gray fur, orange tiger stripes and a yellow mane. He is wearing a combination of leather harness and bronze-colored scale/chain mail armor, based on the "Savage Scale" outfit from Guild Wars 2.

VRChat avatar commission for Zan Hyena featuring his charr, Tempest Bloodmane!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — March 27, 2023

The TrophyPrompt 120: FIGHTING
3D render of my charr warrior Kianga Snowstorm, and my patron’s charr elementalist, Ignado Flaredancer in a modern-day office environment at night. Both are in their battle outfits and facing each other as if in combat. The viewer is behind a desk with an “employee of the month” trophy sitting on it that is suspiciously shaped like a butt plug. Both charr are staring at it—Kianga with a horrified expression, Ignado with a mischievous smirk. The scene is a recreation of a similar scene from the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.

I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once last weekend. Definitely one of the more memorable films I’ve seen…

3D Art — March 17, 2023

Keep ClimbingPrompt 119: EVERYTHING
3D render of a shirtless male charr (Kianga Snowstorm) climbing a steep orange cliff against a deep blue sky, with the bright sunlight accentuating his muscles. He’s looking upwards with a determined expression, holding on to the cliff wall with his left hand and foot, while his right limbs are relaxed and dangling in the air.

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

3D Art — March 10, 2023

HuntedPrompt 118: EVOLUTION
3D render of a massive cat-like creature with dark brown fur in a jungle environment. It’s on all fours as if on the prowl, with large horns and teeth, and black spikes growing from its shoulders. The creature is illuminated from a light source held by the viewer, and looking directly at them, as if it was just discovered. Its eyes are glowing bright green, like those of a cat at night.

You are being hunted.

3D Art — March 6, 2023

BoVRChat avatar
3D render of an anthropomorphic winged unicorn with a very stocky build, feathered wings, brown fur and hair, and blue eyes. His hands and feet are extra large and fluffy. He’s standing in a relaxed pose and looking at the viewer.

VRChat avatar commission for Buck featuring his alicorn, Bo!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — March 3, 2023

New AdventuresPrompt 117: GOODBYE
3D render of a charr warrior in full armor, looking over a fantasy landscape at night under a starry sky with blue and purple auroras. He’s standing in a canyon among loose rocks and long grass with a mysterious pink glowing tree standing higher up on a cliff in the distance. The character and foreground are illuminated by warm firelight, while the rest of the landscape is mostly dark, with the only light coming from the auroras and the glowing tree.

Sometimes saying goodbye can also be the beginning of a new adventure.

3D Art — February 24, 2023

Elemental FlexPrompt 116: FLEX
3D render of a male charr (Warrick Ashblood) with orange fur and tiger stripes standing in a dimly lit cave. He’s flexing and showing off his muscles and his elemental magic, with lightning arcs jumping between the ground, his tail, his arms, and his shoulders. The lightning illuminates the left side of the scene with a blue light, contrasting with red fire light coming from somewhere to the right.

Warrick showing off like only an elementalist can, for the prompt FLEX!

3D Art — February 17, 2023

Containment BreachPrompt 115: ESCAPE
3D close-up render of a heavily built male char (Garro Facebreaker) with yellow fur in a blue-tinted night-time environment, similar to the locked hospital ward from Terminator 2. He is standing behind a barrier made of thick vertical steel bars, two of which he has bent apart with his bare paws, snarling angrily. A red alarm light is illuminating him from behind.

I took some inspiration for this from the hospital scene in Terminator 2, except Garro deals with puny steel bars the charr way!

3D Art — February 10, 2023

Charr WheelPrompt 114: EXHAUSTED
3D render of a male charr with white fur wearing only a loincloth, looking very exhausted towards the viewer with his tongue hanging out. He’s standing in a giant steel contraption that vaguely resembles a cat wheel, except it has a much more charr-like industrial look with dozens of sharp metal segments on the outside and red painted tread plates on the inside.

Drizzlebone is trying out some new equipment at the Citadel gym! Just don’t call it a cat wheel.

3D Art — February 3, 2023

Kreeze FlaremaneVRChat avatar
3D render of a male charr with yellow-golden fur, blue eyes, and a long fluffy mane, standing in a volcanic cave and looking past the viewer with a friendly expression. His outfit: a golden wreath with green leaves on his head, a brown piece of cloth tied around his neck and shoulders and pinned together at his left shoulder with a golden brooch, large black epaulettes with gold edges on his right shoulder, a denim-colored chest piece, black leather gloves, close-fitting white pants, and black leather boots that are open in the front to leave room for his large clawed toes.

VRChat avatar gift commission for Kreeze featuring his Flame Legion charr, Kreeze Flaremane!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — February 2, 2023

Dragonjade MishapPrompt 113: JADE
3D close-up render of a male charr (Kernas Schi) standing in a dark library with mysterious, colorful lighting - bright blue/green from the left and his front, dark purple from the right and his back. Kernas is holding his left paw, which has been partially transformed into a green crystal that seems to be slowly growing up his arm. He’s staring at it with a surprised expression.

Be careful when experimenting with Dragonjade!

3D Art — January 27, 2023

EgoPrompt 112: EGO
3D close-up render of a fearsome and heavy looking ball of black steel and spikes resting on stony ground. The ball is chained to the left ankle of a charr - an anthropomorphic feline with large paws, sharp claws, orange fur, and irregular black spots, who is only visible up to their legs.

It’s easy to wield our ego like a fearsome weapon, but too often it’s more like a weight dragging us down.

3D Art — January 20, 2023

A simple web app that counts the number of characters and words in a piece of text.

Software — January 16, 2023

QuintessentialPrompt 111: QUINTESSENTIAL
3D render of a male charr with an eye patch, shirtless but wearing steel leg armor and boots. He’s standing in dark room, presumably a training area in some basement, leaning casually against a steel pipe with one foot resting on another pipe at ground level. He’s pointing at his chest with his right thumb and grinning proudly at the viewer. The rest of his armor is piled on a crate in the background.

My patron Lyca gave me the prompt QUINTESSENTIAL for this week and what can I say, humility is not a charr virtue…

3D Art — January 13, 2023

Force of NaturePrompt 110: UNSTOPPABLE
3D render of a fully armored charr (Ripa Soulkeeper) standing in front of an erupting volcano, with a giant lava flow coming towards him. Ripa is ready for battle with his sword in hand, but looks a bit lost against this “opponent”.

Even the mightiest warrior has to realize that some opponents are above their pay grade.

3D Art — January 6, 2023

TaldrenVRChat Avatar
3D render of a bipedal dragon with wings and ear fins. His body and scales are golden orange with black hands and feet and an orange light shining from his eyes, from a gem on his forehead, and between his chest scales.

VRChat avatar for Taldren, featuring his dragon with extendable wings and glowing scales!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — January 2, 2023

Collage of some of my artwork from 2022, featuring one VR avatar and one 3D scene for each month.

Some of my art from 2022: 86 projects completed in total, and looking back at some of them made me wonder… that was THIS year? It sure has been a ride, and not all of it was good, but it had its moments. I hope the next year will be a little kinder to us all.

3D Art — December 31, 2022

Out With A BangPrompt 109: BANG
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) in full battle armor, standing outside at night with fireworks in the background. He is holding a giant bomb (the cartoony kind) with a lit fuse, grinning at the viewer. The bomb has the number 2022 written on it in large white letters.

This year deserves to go out with a bang!

3D Art — December 30, 2022

CompanionshipPrompt 108: COMPANIONSHIP
3D render of two male charr (Warrick Ashblood and Kianga Snowstorm) standing in an icy cave while wearing only Christmas hats and red shorts with white floof. They’re in a side hug and smiling at the viewer.

Sometimes all you need to stay warm is a friend!

3D Art — December 23, 2022

Oh DeerPrompt 107: REINDEER
Close-up 3D render of a reindeer with a glowing red nose standing in front of a Christmas tree, with a shocked expression. A charr (Garro Facebreaker) is standing behind the reindeer with a wicked grin, staring at it with a large axe in hand, its edges glinting in the light.

Oh look, a little reindeer found its way into Garro’s home to spread some holiday cheer!

3D Art — December 16, 2022

Death on WintersdayPrompt 106: FESTIVE
Close-up 3D render of a male charr (Drizzlebone) hiding in a Christmas tree with colorful lights and charr-themed decorations, including a chain and a decorative gear hanging from one of the branches. Just like a house cat, Drizzlebone looks very excited about the whole thing, with big dilated pupils.

Be careful on Wintersday, the trees might be watching!

3D Art — December 9, 2022

Freestyle MeditationPrompt 105: LOTUS
3D render featuring a male charr (Kernas Schi) with dark gray fur and a long purple mane. He is floating above a giant magical lotus flower glowing with golden light, in the middle of a quiet sea with a golden sunrise in the background. Instead of the typical lotus meditation pose, he’s hanging haphazardly in mid-air and looking at the viewer, mostly on his back with arms and legs splayed in all directions, like he’s trying to regain his balance in zero gravity.

Looks like Kernas is still figuring out how that Mystical Lotus Chair works. Does this thing come with a manual?

3D Art — December 2, 2022

Wrath of the DragonPrompt 104: SUFFERING
3D close-up render of an anthropomorphic dragon (Seraphis Zurvan) staring down at the viewer, sparks and flames coming from his muzzle. He’s holding a vicious looking dagger in his right hand that glows with magical energy.

Whatever you just did, you’re going to regret it…

3D Art — November 18, 2022

SharkeyVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr with dark brown fur and white markings on his face and chest. He has a friendly expression and is wearing cozy beige pants and a turquoise shirt that matches the color of his eyes.

VRChat avatar commission for Sharkey, featuring his charr with the same name!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — November 17, 2022

AftermathPrompt 103: FEAST
3D render of a male charr (Skarr Blacksnow) lying on a large table with empty plates and little scraps of food all around him. He’s half passed out, still holding a meat drumstick in his right paw dangling from the table.

Looks like you missed the feast. Better luck next time!

3D Art — November 11, 2022

Charr and MicePrompt 102: EMPATHIZE
Close-up 3D render of a small house mouse sitting in a charr’s giant armored paw, trying to reach the tip of his thumb claw. The charr’s face fills most of the background (slightly out of focus) as he is watching the mouse in fascination.

Since I had so much fun with that mouse game recently, I thought I’d try modeling one! Here is my patron Ripa’s charr, demonstrating that charr and mice CAN coexist peacefully.

3D Art — November 4, 2022

I wanted to do at least a little scene for this year’s Charrtober so I let my patrons pick a prompt from the list. Here is a very FURRY Kianga—my first serious experiment with realistic 3D fur. Pet that belly at your own risk!

3D Art — October 31, 2022

Ready Charr OnePrompt 101: VIRTUAL
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) in a dimly lit industrial environment: concrete, rusty pipes, metal fences. He’s standing on a high-tech looking pedestal with a red glowing edge, arms held in the typical calibration T-pose for VR full-body tracking. He is wearing a VR headset and red glowing tracking devices on his hands, waist, feet, and tail. Visible over his simple black pants is a set of bright orange glowing “holographic” armor, presumably the outfit he is wearing in VR.

What kind of avatar would a charr use in VR? Himself, of course. Just with more badass armor. Lacsap trying out his new VR hardware with 9-point FBTT (full-body & tail tracking), inspired by the prompt VIRTUAL. Thank you for your support! 💖

3D Art — October 28, 2022

Charr vs. Laser PointerPrompt 100: PRESENTATION
Close-up 3D render of a charr (Warrick Ashblood) with dilated pupils, staring intensely at the red dot of a laser pointer just in front of his nose.

Management tip: If you’re holding a presentation for charr, using laser pointers is not recommended. For the prompt PRESENTATION from my patron Warrick. As always, thank you for your support! 💕

3D Art — October 21, 2022

Healing TankPrompt 99: RECOVERY
3D render of a sci-fi environment, with a charr warrior (Garro Facebreaker) floating unconscious in a kind of healing tank. His axe and shield are leaning on a wall next to the tank. Everything is illuminated with green and blue-ish light.

Garro might have “blood legioned” a bit too hard, and has to take a little timeout in one of these fancy new healing tanks. For the prompt RECOVERY for my patron Tabra—thank you for your support, and have a speedy recovery!

3D Art — October 19, 2022

RatchetVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr (Ratchet) with a long fluffy mane and orange swimming trunks

VRChat avatar commission for Sigil, featuring his charr Ratchet in a beach outfit, and a VRChat port by Rengyr. I wonder how charr with that hairstyle look when they’re fresh out of the water…

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — October 18, 2022

Pumpkin PowerPrompt 98: SPOOKY
3D render of a male charr (Drizzlebone) wearing ghostly blue glowing armor, sitting surrounded by glowing jack-o-lanterns. He is holding a smaller carved pumpkin in his right paw and his eyes and mouth glow in a bright orange. A full moon in the background reveals the outlines of leafless trees behind him.

Don’t consume too many pumpkins, or the pumpkins might consume you… For the prompt SPOOKY from my patron Drizzlebone, whose charr was already perfectly dressed for the occasion!

3D Art — October 7, 2022

HewieVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr with white fur, a long teal-colored mane, snow leopard spots and pink paw pads.

VRChat avatar commission for Hewie featuring his smol but very fluffy charr! I hope you like him, and have fun in VR! (VRChat port by Rengyr)

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — October 4, 2022

Under the StarsPrompt 97: HARMONY
3D nighttime scene with three charr (Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi) lying peacefully in long blue-ish grass, looking up at the stars. The composition and colors are similar to a scene with Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon from The Lion King.

“Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?” Yami, Ferox, and Kernas having a peaceful moment under the stars, for the prompt HARMONY from my patron Kuragari. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — September 30, 2022

For Your TroublesPrompt 96: CONDESCEND
3D render of a bipedal dragon (Seraphis Zurvan) standing on a large pile of gold coins, weapons, and other assorted treasure, his wings held protectively over the pile. He is staring in fascination at a large number of gold coins in his right hand, so many that they’re slipping out of his hand and falling down again. His left hand is extended towards the viewer, offering them two small silver coins. For your troubles.

When adventuring with dragons, remember that once you’ve found the hidden treasure, it is considered polite to leave the dragon alone with it. For the prompt CONDESCEND from my patron Seraphis. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — September 23, 2022

Draken DarkshadowVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr with dark blue-ish fur in a combat-ready pose. He is wearing a leather harness, steel gauntlets, leg plates, and boots, a long beige racing scarf, and a Blood Legion banner on his back.

VRChat avatar commission for Cinogard, featuring their charr revenant, Draken Darkshadow!

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — September 21, 2022

The Jaguar Glows TonightPrompt 95: ILLUMINATE
3D render of an anthropomorphic black jaguar sitting casually in a jungle environment. Brightly glowing rosettes on his body illuminate his surroundings in all colors of the rainbow.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the jaguar glows tonight… For the prompt ILLUMINATE from my patron Lyca—thank you for your support! Want your own glowy jaguar for VRChat or ChilloutVR? He’s available from my Gumroad and Ko-fi stores!

3D Art — September 16, 2022

Charr HospitalityPrompt 94: HOSPITALITY
3D render of a male charr (Ripa Soulkeeper) in a cook’s outfit. He’s looking at the viewer, holding a butcher’s knife and standing in front of a grill with a large chunk of red meat on it, the light from the fire illuminating everything from below. There is text in New Krytan on his apron that means “some must cook, so that all can eat”.

Charr may not have the most refined hospitality, but their cooking skill makes up for it… as long as you don’t mind steak. Lots of it.

3D Art — September 9, 2022

Want a Rematch?Prompt 93: GAMBLE
First-person 3D render with a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) sitting at a poker table in his casual Blood Legion outfit, looking at you. Rows of playing cards with a Blood Legion design lie in front of both players, and a large pile of gold and silver coins sits in the middle of the table. Lacsap has his right paw held possessively around six large stacks of coins that belong to him, while you only have three meager coins left. His expression suggests that the pile of coins in the middle also belongs to him now, and a the shiny blade of a knife lying in front of you hints that the next round of this game might happen in a slightly more “charr” fashion.

Don’t worry—when charr play, the second round is usually a lot more fun, and doesn’t involve cards. For the prompt GAMBLING from my patron Lacsap. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — September 1, 2022

Wan Shi TongVRChat Avatar
3D render of a male charr (Wan Shi Tong) in a martial arts pose, looking towards the right. He has black fur with white hands and feet, golden eyes, horns similar to a ram, and long, dark, braided hair, and is wearing the Infused Samurai Outfit from Guild Wars 2: steel armor with red paint and yellow glowing accents, held together by thick yellow cords, and with dark red leather underneath.

Second part of a VRChat avatar commission for Red, featuring his charr renegade, Wan Shi Tong wearing the Infused Samurai Outfit. The VRChat port was done by Rengyr.

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — August 30, 2022

Grothmar NightPrompt 92: NOSTALGIA
3D render of a charr (Warrick Ashblood) sitting at the Blood Lagoon in Grothmar Valley at night time, next to long grass, his feet half resting in shallow water. He’s holding a steel wrist band in his right paw (my interpretation of a military dog tag for charr) and looking at it, lost in thought.

“I was so young and naïve when I first received my tag. It was honestly the happiest day of my life. Then everything went to shit. But despite all that, I endured, I healed, and now I am thriving. It may have been hell but I wouldn’t change it for anything.” A little scene for the prompt NOSTALGIA from my patron Warrick, who also wrote the text for this. Thank you for your support!

3D Art — August 26, 2022

He’s Gonna Be a Mighty KingPrompt 91: DISNEY
3D render of a charr cub (Garro Facebreaker), held up like Simba during the opening scene from The Lion King.

He’s gonna be a mighty king For the prompt DISNEY from my patron Tabra. This is still Garro’s original charr model, just with different proportions. I’m surprised it turned out this cute, even if a little… angry.

3D Art — August 19, 2022

Wan Shi TongSimple Outfit
3D render of a male charr (Wan Shi Tong) in a martial arts pose, looking towards the right. He has black fur with lighter grey on his chest, white hands and feet, golden eyes, horns similar to a ram, and long, dark, braided hair.

First part of a VRChat avatar commission for Red, featuring his charr renegade, Wan Shi Tong!

3D Art, Virtual Reality — August 17, 2022

Cooling DownPrompt 90: CALM
3D render of a male charr (Drizzlebone) lying half-submerged in a peaceful pond with an orange sunset in the background and trees, rocks, and long grass all around him. He’s looking up towards the evening sky, his right paw stretched out to the side (towards the camera), and his left paw laid on his chest.

Every charr has their own way of cooling down after a long, hot day. For the prompt CALM from my patron Drizzlebone—thank you for your support! 💖

3D Art — August 12, 2022

TwilightPrompt 89: TWILIGHT
3D render of a male charr (Yami Whitemane) wearing the White Tiger outfit. He’s leaning casually on his legendary sword Twilight (larger than him) and looking directly at the viewer.

Big sword for a big charr!

3D Art — August 5, 2022

Tk RobertsVRChat Avatar

VRChat avatar commission for Tk of his dragon wolf, with an optional outfit for special occasions. 😼

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — August 4, 2022

3D render of a male charr warrior (Kianga Snowstorm) sitting topless on a large rock somewhere in the desert. Neither the tree nor the giant tank in the background provide much shade. He’s holding a steel canteen in his right paw, and his head with the other paw, clearly exhausted from the heat.

It’s 34 °C today and I hope you’re having a better time than this warrior. Stay hydrated!

3D Art — August 4, 2022

Combined PowerPrompt 88: POWER
3D close-up render of an anthropomorphic dragon (Seraphis Zurvan) on the left and a charr (Ignado Flaredancer) on the right doing a “modern” handshake. Glowing runes running along Seraphis’ body illuminate Ignado’s face, while a fireball in Ignado’s hand illuminates Seraphis’ face. The dragon’s left wing covers most of the background, held in a way that shields them both from the environment.

The combined power of a dragon and a charr, for the prompt POWER from my patron Ignado aka Seraphis! Thank you for your mighty support!

3D Art — July 29, 2022

3D close-up render of a male charr (Kianga Snowstorm). The left half of his face has been completely replaced with steel parts, including his fangs, horns, and hair. He’s grinning and looking at the viewer with his one remaining natural eye, the other glowing with an ominous red laser light.

He’ll need your clothes, your boots, and your catnip. Inspired by the prompt METAMORPHOSIS from my patron Lyca, I guess this is what would happen if Iron Legion and the Inquest joined forces: a charr terminator. That was fun! Thank you, Lyca, for your support!

3D Art — July 22, 2022

OutflankedPrompt 86: FLANKER
3D render of a male charr (Ripa Soulkeeper) fighting a pack of five pocket raptors in a dense jungle. He’s wearing full Vigil battle armor, except for his boots, which lie on the ground behind him as if he was just taking a break. Ripa is looking down at his feet in shock and surprise while the pocket raptors are taking advantage of the situation by snatching at his unprotected paws.

“Flanking” usually means attacking from the side, but I learned today that it can also mean flashing your ankles. Ripa unfortunately managed to get into a situation involving both. For the prompt FLANKER from my patron Ripa—thank you for your support!

3D Art — July 15, 2022

3D render of an anthropomorphic jaguar with a muscular build, lying comfortably on a sunny beach. He is propped up on his left elbow and looking at the viewer.

Added an alternate texture to my Jaguar VRChat avatar! I still prefer the black texture because it works better with the rainbow rosettes, but you can now choose either version when building the avatar.

3D Art, Virtual Reality — July 14, 2022

3D render of a male charr (Yami Whitemane) featuring the White Tiger Outfit from Guild Wars 2 with a red and purple color scheme: steel pauldrons and gauntlets, red cloth draped around his chest, and beige leather pants and boots with purple steel elements.

3D character & outfit commission for Kuragari, featuring Yami Whitemane wearing the White Tiger Outfit! Thank you so much for the commission! 💖 This is perhaps the most challenging outfit I’ve worked on so far. So many different parts, each requiring different modeling/sculpting techniques. Hope you like it!

3D Art — July 13, 2022

“Field Bed”Prompt 85: COMFY
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) sleeping in an exquisitely fluffy charr-sized cat bed and bathed in warm sunlight. He is curled up tightly with one leg stretched out over the edge of the bed. A plushie that looks just like him sits next to him in the bed, and two pillows with a Blood Legion design and a Legionnaire’s Axe are leaning against the wall behind him.

This latest advance in charr legion field beds may be a little small, but that doesn’t seem to bother Lacsap. For the prompt COMFY from my patron Lacsap—thank you for your support, and sweet dreams!

3D Art — July 8, 2022

Best Served ColdPrompt 84: REVENGE
3D render of a charr elementalist (Warrick Ashblood) fighting against a Branded charr in an icy cave, just as he lands a powerful blow with his right fist, sending his opponent flying backwards. The Branded is completely frozen and turned into transparent ice, with hundreds of icy crystals flying from the impact site.

My patron Warrick gave me the prompt REVENGE this time, and as an elementalist he knows of course that this is a dish best served cold. Thank you for your (very warm) support! 😼

3D Art — July 4, 2022

3D render of a male charr standing in a dark cavern with a relaxed pose: right paw on his hip, looking towards the right. He has a muscular build with light gray fur, brown irregular spots, and green eyes, and is wearing a kind of jockstrap with a Flame Legion design.

First half of a character & outfit commission for Kuragari. This is just the character: Yami Whitemane, Flame Legion vindicator. The outfit is coming soon, but you can already admire his uhh, spots!

3D Art — June 29, 2022

3D rendered group picture featuring four charr posing like in a family picture, with significant size differences. From largest to smallest: Yami Whitemane (back left), Ferox Blackmane (back right, half a head smaller than Yami), Kianga Snowstorm (front left, head reaching Ferox’s shoulders), and Kernas Schi (front right, head just barely reaching Kianga’s chest).

They keep getting bigger! Group picture featuring Kuragari’s charr Yami Whitemane, Ferox Blackmane, and Kernas Schi, with my warrior in the middle. At least he’s not the smallest one!

3D Art — June 29, 2022

Spicy DisasterPrompt 83: SPICY
3D render of a male charr (Garro Facebreaker) standing with arms open. He’s wearing simple red pants with white Blood Legion emblems on his thighs, and a black shirt with silver edges and white text: “I’M NOT A HOT MESS - I’M A SPICY DISASTER”. The word “spicy” is colored bright red.

My patron Tabra gave me the prompt SPICY this time, and I found this shirt while browsing for references…

3D Art — June 24, 2022

Seraphis ZurvanVRChat Avatar
3D render of a bipedal dragon standing in a cavern with wings extended. Fiery light illuminates him from below. His body is covered in glossy black scales, with a row of larger sharp light gray scales on his chest. Magical symbols run from his neck to his legs and also along his tail, glowing with a golden light.

VRChat avatar commission for Seraphis Zurvan, in collaboration with Rengyr

3D Art, Virtual Reality — June 22, 2022

Iron Legion Beach OutfitPrompt 82: SCANDAL
3D render of a male charr with white fur (Drizzlebone) on a tropical beach, jumping high in the air with arms raised to catch a large beach ball. He’s wearing only a smooth steel plate covering his groin and two large gears on his thighs, all secured a little haphazardly with thick iron chains. It doesn’t look very comfortable, nor practical, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Drizzlebone testing the latest beach outfit for Iron Legion… Honestly, I’m not sure about the practicality of this, but who am I to judge! A scandalous outfit for the prompt SCANDAL from my patron Drizzlebone—thank you for your support, and for the fun prompt!

3D Art — June 17, 2022

Special CollectionsPrompt 81: TOME
3D render of a charr (Kernas Schi) in full Astral Scholar outfit (dark purple robe, gold accents, blue glowing gems) standing in a huge, dimly lit library. The shelves are packed with books, and so tall we can’t see the ceiling. He’s holding a red tome in his left hand, and pointing a sharp claw on his other hand at books in the shelf in front of him.

Kernas visiting the Priory’s special collections on some arcane business. Don’t forget to trim your claws! For the prompt TOME from my patron Kuragari—thank you for your support! 💖

3D Art — June 10, 2022

PatheticPrompt 80: PATHETIC
3D render of a charr elementalist (Ignado Flaredancer) standing tall in front of the viewer in a simple loincloth outfit. The scene takes place in a rocky cave lit from above with reddish light: Metal bars block the left side, and a Flame Legion banner is vaguely visible in the background, suggesting some kind of arena. Ignado is holding up and looking at his right paw, glowing with magical fire. The viewer is in a fallen/sitting position on the ground, with only their (charr) feet and right hand in view, reaching up helplessly. A dropped Ash Legion combat blade lies in front of their feet, just out of reach.

PoV: You’ve tried to duel an elementalist. It did not go well.

3D Art — June 3, 2022

WarpbladePrompt 79: FORTITUDE
3D render of the Weaver’s Warp Blade from Guild Wars 2, hovering above a charr’s hand paw, against an abstract black cloth background.

A Warpblade, for the prompt FORTITUDE from my patron Lyca! Fortitude because for some reason, holding a sword makes elementalists suddenly feel a lot more… alive. At least for a short while. 😼 Thank you, Lyca, for your support! 💖

3D Art — May 28, 2022

Black JaguarVR Avatar
3D close-up render of an anthropomorphic black jaguar with orange eyes, looking at the viewer with a smile, head slightly tilted. He has a simple steel earring in his left ear.

My first premade avatar for VRChat and ChilloutVR, a black jaguar—ready for Pride Month with a little splash of rainbow.

3D Art, Virtual Reality — May 23, 2022

Physics & Blood WhiskeyPrompt 78: FULCRUM
3D render of two charr in a bar (Ripa Soulkeeper on the left, Kianga Snowstorm on the right) standing on a plank balanced on top of a whiskey barrel. They’re probably drunk, wearing armor only up to the waist, one hand on each other’s shoulder and the other raised holding a whiskey bottle. More bottles and barrels are strewn all over scene.

This week’s prompt is FULCRUM from my patron Ripa, and our two charr have kindly volunteered to demonstrate this physical concept, with the help of a barrel of Blood Whiskey. Or two. As always, thank you for your support! 💖

3D Art — May 20, 2022

Laser TagPrompt 77: LASER TAG
3D render of a charr (Lacsap) wearing a casual Blood Legion outfit in dark underground ruins: old brick walls, rotting crates, blue foggy atmosphere. Lacsap is running past the viewer towards the right and holding a laser gun in his right paw, looking back over his shoulder with a shocked expression. A bright red laser beam coming from behind is aiming right at his butt. Red light from the beam and Lacsap’s own gun illuminates the foreground and his face.

Why do humans call it laser tag when they’re not even using real lasers?

3D Art — May 13, 2022

3D render of Zeno Darkspire, a male charr wearing an outfit of white fabric and yellow/gold elements: yellow halo above his head, white cloth around his shoulders with gold plates on his right shoulder, chest mostly bare with painted white tribal markings, leather straps with two red feathers around his biceps, white leather gloves and leggings with a golden belt adornment, and heavy black boots with yellow leather straps.

Second part of a VRChat avatar commission for Rouan: his charr Zeno Darkspire, now with a proper outfit! Have a great time in VRChat, and thank you for your commission! 💖 Items used: Immortal Light Halo Ebon Epaulets Tribal Vestments (only body paint and bands around the arms) Carapace Gloves Invoker’s Leggings Mursaat Brogans

3D Art, Virtual Reality, Animation — May 9, 2022

3D render of my charr warrior, Kianga Snowstorm, sitting in a kind of cross-legged pose against a simple red background. His hands are resting on his feet in front of him, and he’s looking at the viewer like a cat lost in thought. No clothes except for his eye patch, but sensitive parts are covered due to the pose.

Big cat, but still cat. Just a quick silly scene inspired by a prompt from SkiaSkai on Twitter to draw our fursonas sitting like their cat.

3D Art — May 8, 2022

CharmsPrompt 76: CHARM
3D render of Warrick Ashblood, a charr elementalist, looking curiously at three magical symbols floating between his open paws: various geometric shapes glowing bright green, magenta, and blue.

Felt like doing something fun and colorful for this week’s prompt CHARM by my patron Warrick. If you can recognize the symbols you get a cookie!

3D Art — May 6, 2022

Blood Legionnaire’s BreakfastPrompt 75: COMFORT
Indoor scene featuring Garro sitting at a breakfast table crammed with food, and not the healthiest kind: He’s clutching a giant bowl of chicken nuggets with both paws, but all around him filling the camera frame there is also: chocolate cake decorated with strawberries, blueberry pancakes dripping with syrup, dark and white chocolate bars, a large plate stacked with bacon and cheese cubes, another bowl with blueberries, and a bowl with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

What does Garro eat for breakfast? Yes. My patron Tabra gave me the prompt “comfort” this time, and I thought I’d make him a breakfast worthy of a Blood Legionnaire. I hope it’ll be enough until lunch—thank you for your support!

3D Art — April 29, 2022

Indoor scene featuring my charr warrior standing ready for battle with a smug grin. He’s wielding a large spiked shield in his left hand and a battle axe in his right hand, but his clothing is rather insufficient for combat: only his signature red eye patch and minimal Blood Legion themed underwear. Behind him, four colorful warrior banners from the game are leaning against a wall covered with random pipes.

A few days ago I saw a tweet talking about “insufficiently covered warriors” and I thought, Kianga knows a thing or two about that!

3D Art — April 26, 2022

3D render of a female charr with brown fur wearing an outfit consisting of a steel eyepatch, spiked steel pauldrons and gauntlets, an olive cloak, a dark leather chest piece, leather pants reinforced with steel thigh plates, and steel boots.

Character & outfit commission for Bolty, of her charr commander Zurena Snapbark! This was such an awesome and fun design to work with, and I hope we’ll see more of Zurena in the future. Thank you so much for the commission!

3D Art, Animation — April 25, 2022

CatculationsPrompt 74: MATH

Cat brain is working hard!

3D Art, Animation — April 22, 2022

Pool Noodle TimeoutPrompt 73: NOODLES
3D render of a younger charr with orange fur and tiger stripes, sitting in a corner against a wall of mossy stone bricks. He has bright red pool noodles on his curved horns, his paws are resting on his knees, and he's grinning like he's already planning his next mischief.

How do you deal with unruly cubs at the fahrar? Pool noodle timeout. (I don’t think Ferox regrets anything though.)

3D Art — April 15, 2022