3D render of a male charr with brown fur sitting at a table late at night. He's writing a handwritten report on a piece of parchment, pencil in one hand, the other hand on his forehead in frustration, a steel mug next to him. His expression says he'd rather be fighting a dragon right now.
The text on the parchment is intentionally hard to read, but it says: "Mission Report. To: Tarra Shieldcrush, Centurion. From: Kianga Snowstorm, Legionnaire, Snow Warband XVI. We killed some bad guys. I hope they were bad, anyway. Please send more cake. If you can read this, you are awesome."
3D render


A legionnaire’s duties do not end when the day’s fighting is over. When the warband’s asleep, he goes to fight his next battle: paperwork.

Very happy with the mood in this one. Yes, that’s my own handwriting. It’s not significantly better than a charr’s.

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