Charrtober XVI: GEAR

3D render of a male charr with black pants and a red tank top in a bizarre nightmare environment: He's standing on a giant gear that floats above deadly looking green mist, with more gears, half-broken stairs, and other debris floating around him - a recreation of the Mad King's Clock Tower from Guild Wars 2. He's screaming and looks panicked, holding his left horn with one hand, and covering his face with the other.
3D render


“Every year around this time, I get the strangest nightmares about trying to escape from a shattered tower made of clocks and gears, over and over again… Weird, huh?”

This was fun to make - the Mad King’s Clock Tower is my favorite part of Halloween in Guild Wars 2. I would have loved to add more detail, but ran out of time and had to start the render so it would finish in time. Hope you like it anyway!

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