3D render of two male charr facing off, staring at each other angrily. The one on the left has his fists raised, while the one on the right is pointing at the other with his right paw while making the throat-cut gesture with his left.
3D render


“With two of my soldiers in the infirmary after what Fyre called a ‘mortar exercise’, I confronted him. I wasn’t subtle. He hit me. Another charr would have kicked his ass right there, and maybe that’s what he was hoping for, so he could send me to jail again. I stayed calm and did what I should have done long ago: In front of his officers, I challenged him to a fight in the Bane.”

I had been working on parts of the armor before, but still had to take a lot of shortcuts to get it done in time. Typical charr design is much more intricate than what I could do here, so the armor looks a bit… simple and futuristic. Hope it’s okay!

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