Charrtober XXVI: ARENA

3D render of a male charr half-lying on the ground in an arena, covering his left eye with a paw and looking dazed. Another charr lies next to him, dead.
3D render


“We didn’t speak another word, yet we both knew that only one would leave the arena that night. Somehow the crowd felt it too - the Bane was eerily silent. When he attacked, it was with a speed I had never seen of him. His claws slashed across my chest, and when I swung to the side to evade him, I left my head unprotected.”

“There was a crack and I found myself on the floor, unable to breathe. He was kneeling over me, his claws at my throat, and that ugly grin on his face. And then… he turned towards the crowd. It was the most stupid thing he could have done.”

“A split second later, he was clutching at his own throat where my claws had pierced it, and collapsed. The next thing I remember are the faces of my warband, helping me up. Only then did I realize that I couldn’t see with my left eye, and I would not ever again.”

Don’t worry, things will brighten up from here.

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