3D render of a charr saluting and looking emotionless, with a burning funeral pyre slightly out of focus in the background.
3D render


“We honored Fyre as we would have honored any soldier of the Legions. There is no sense in holding grudges - we move on, and we keep fighting.”

I wondered if charr would have any funerary practices. Cremation was common in the Roman Empire and it seemed to fit the charr kind of thinking (quick and efficient), but I was worried about the Flame Legion association. However, after a bit of searching, I learned that it’s actually canon! Here’s an excerpt from Edge of Destiny:

“Rytlock meanwhile knelt above each of his fallen friends and sang an ancient war song of the Blood Legion. He cradled the head of each warrior just as the primus of their fahrar had first cradled them - ‘First breath to last…’ The man and the charr hoisted the fallen and carried them to the pyres and bedded them in flame. Soon, twin fires sent twin columns of soot into the sky.”

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