Charr on Boxes

3D render


What do you do when the weather is too hot and you’re all covered in fur? You take it like a charr… and find a box to nap on.

Side story: Had a talk with a friend a while ago, and they told me that I wasn’t making progress with my art, that I should try some new things. They were right in some way, but this little comment made me feel so bad about my work that I could no longer get anything done. It all wasn’t good enough.

You know what I’ve realized since? Burn that. Yes, it’s important to keep learning and to get outside your comfort zone, but it’s not worth ruining the joy that art brings you.

This scene is nothing special. It’s just my derpy warband lying on some wooden boxes in front of a screenshot background. But I had fun making this. They’re my charr and I love them and nobody is going to stop me from making silly art with them.

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