Charrtober 2019: I - LEGACY

3D close-up render of a male charr with brown fur and a red eye patch, holding out a large signet ring with the Blood Legion emblem towards the camera. The scene is focused on the ring, with the charr somewhat out of focus in the background.
3D render



Kianga’s hand twitched to his dagger, almost spilling his mug of ale. The atmosphere in Blood Keep had been getting more tense every day, but what’s worse: he knew that voice. He turned around towards a massive hulk of a charr. Blood Legion armor, no helm, gray fur, with a deep scar running across her nose and forehead. Her eyes were clear and fierce. “Foeraze.”

She raised her right paw—empty—in a gesture of peace. “I’m not here to start trouble.”

Kianga stared at her but made no reply. Their last meeting hadn’t exactly ended on friendly terms.

“Look, things are changing around here. This could be my last chance to give you this, so…” She opened her other paw to reveal a gold ring, heavy but plain, with a flat bezel—a signet ring. It had a strange crest: A blade between a split gear, like an awkward combination of the Blood and Iron emblems.

Kianga took the ring. “What’s this?”

“It belonged to your dam… our bandmate. Your sire made it for her. Nyxia hated it, but she never threw it away. I kept it after her death… I think it’ll be safer with you now.”

Kianga hesitated for a moment, then closed his paw around the ring. “Thank you.”

Foeraze started to say something, but then apparently thought better of it. She nodded and turned to leave.

“Vidia,” Kianga called after her. When she turned around, he held his armored fist against his chest in a gentle salute. “Take care, legionnaire.”

She returned the gesture. “You too”, and then she turned and disappeared into the crowd.

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