Charrtober 2019: XXV - DUEL

3D render of two charr in a fight: an elementalist with white fur and black tiger stripes, punching a warrior in full steel armor with his right fist. Blue lightning jumps from the elementalist's arm to the warrior's chest, who looks rather shocked - no pun intended.
3D render


“You damn coward! If you don’t have the guts to stand up to your centurion, at least stand up to your own warband.”

“Storm was close to leaving the warband that day, and he would have been right. There can be no loyalty without trust.

“As a soldier you often don’t have the luxury of fixing your mistakes—what’s dead is dead. You can only make sure you don’t repeat them, and so I made Storm my second-in-command that day.”

“From that day forward, we’d face difficult decisions together, as one warband. And soon, we’d have to deal with our centurion…”

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