Field Day

3D render


Bao asked via Tumblr:

“Kianga - Do they have many fond childhood memories?”

Kianga: “When we were a little older, our primus took us to the Loreclaw Expanse, old human ruins south of Ascalon Basin. That was back when the area wasn’t crawling with separatists. He warned us about the traps in those ruins but let us explore freely, so we went looking for ghosts, and treasure!

“And it was awesome. In less than an hour, Skarr got his tail fur singed by a flame trap, Ark fell of a cliff, Chui got bitten by a skelk, and I managed to step on a spike trap that went right through my paw. Only Storm missed out on all the fun and was very smug about it.

“Uh, afterwards our primus taught us how to bandage wounds, use simple healing magic, neutralize skelk venom, and disarm and take apart various traps. Sadly we didn’t find many ghosts, just one and he didn’t even put up much of a fight. Didn’t have much treasure either.

“Still, good times! I even kept that spike as a souvenir.”

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