Growing Up in a Warband

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What’s it like growing up in a warband? — Fuwyfox, January 22nd, 2019

Kianga: “Most charr will have a hard time imagining what it’s like growing up without a warband. There are friends and ‘bandmates around you all the time, always ready for a joke.”

“In our first year at the fahrar, just when we were getting used to working and fighting as a team, our primus woke us up in the morning and told us that we’d be split up. He didn’t explain, only gave us five minutes to pack our things and then sent each of us off to a different place. I was to report to a legionnaire at Charrgate Haven by noon, and I had no idea how to get there.”

“Today it would be half an hour’s easy march for us, but for a cub going out there alone, suddenly without any of my friends to back me up, it was terrifying. To our great relief we were reunited the next day, but this little adventure made me realize that we should never take our warbands for granted.”

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