Nightmares VI

3D render


Ark stood in the doorway, looking back at Storm.

“I’ll be back, I promise…”

The chamber beyond was brightly lit. A large golden brazier stood in the center, burning so brightly that Ark had to shield his eyes. Coming closer, he could make out another doorway on the other side of the room, but it was blocked by solid stone. The was no other way out than the one he had come from.

Ark sighed and leaned against the wall, exhausted. What else could he do? How could they get back? Surely his warband must have heard the sounds of battle above—they were probably searching for their lost bandmates at this very moment, but they’d never find them down here.

He shivered. Staring at the brazier, half lost in thought, Ark suddenly realized that it wasn’t giving off any heat. A magical fire? He approached it warily. Could he use its energy to heal Storm at least? He took a deep breath and reached for the flame.

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