Q&A: First Assignment

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The bartender walks over to Kianga´s table and serves a cup of hot chocolate." So, one cup of hot chocolate for our brave and fearless warrior. You already told us about the years in Fahrar, but how was it after that? Tell us about the first order the Snow Warband received." — Sidewinder30k, January 30th, 2019

Kianga: “Fresh out of the fahrar, we felt ready to take on anything. We would have charged straight at Zhaitan if they had sent us. But they didn’t. When I went to report to our new centurion, it turned out he was indisposed. Normally that’s no big deal, but when your warband has yet to be properly registered with your legion, it can lead to all kinds of complications.”

Ark: “So we had to go camping.”

Kianga: “In front of the Citadel. You see, no registration, no barracks.”

Ark: “That was fun. Chui built a barbecue from stuff we found near the scrapyard.”

Kianga: “And I got my first chance to cook for our warband! Anyway, on the next day I went to our centurion again and - guess what.”

Ark: “Yep. He wasn’t there. Nor the day after. That’s when we got the news of…”

Kianga: “… of my mother’s death. Yeah. Killed in a bar fight in Lion’s Arch. We didn’t have much contact - she was a Blood Legion warrior too, always busy fighting, no time for cubs. Still, I would have gone to LA to check with her warband. That’s when our centurion returned.”

Ark: “You could’ve asked him for a short leave. You know we would have managed for a few days.”

Kianga: “Nah. Good thing I didn’t - when I met with her warband a few weeks later, we didn’t exactly part on good terms… Anyway, we’re Blood Legion, duty come first.”

Ark: “Right. And so we got our very first assignment…”

Kianga: “Unfortunately it didn’t involve an Elder Dragon - just a shipment of machine parts to the Irondock Shipyard that was to be escorted against a possible Flame Legion attack. Which didn’t happen. So yeah, exciting stuff.”

Ark: “The first heroic assignment for Snow Warband. Go us!”

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