Horizon (alternate version)

3D render


Terrible things lurk just beyond the horizon… but Kianga is ready for them. (I hope.)

Scene for my patron Loki, based on the prompt “horizons”. I wanted to contrast the Drizzlewood Coast landscape with a view of the Frost Citadel, which sadly does not work in the actual geography of the map. Luckily I can cheat!

As always, I like to build my scenes around actual screenshots to make them fit better with the game world (and also because it sometimes saves me a lot of time, cough). That hint of the Frost Citadel you see in the background was actually a screenshot taken at a completely different place much further north.

The moonlight version was suggested by Sayna Jaye on my Patreon Discord - I also like it a lot and can’t decide which one is better, so I guess we’ll just have two! 😼

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