Prompt 7: GARDEN
3D render of a male charr with blue eyes, a yellow mane, and dark gray fur, looking with fascination at a bonsai tree in a hexagonal clay pot. His right paw is close to the tree, claws almost touching it, the other is resting on the wooden table where some green leaves have fallen. It's an indoor scene but there are warm sunbeams coming from the left, and there's a blue butterfly sitting on one of the branches.
3D render


During the warband’s last visit to Lion’s Arch they came across a human merchant who sold tiny trees. Said they came from Cantha, but surely that can’t be right? In any case, Skarr decided they’re adorable (the trees, not the merchant) and had to buy one.

Based on the prompt “garden” from my patron, the wonderful Coffee Kitten. Thank you for your support! 💙

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