Treasure Hunting

3D render of a male charr swimming calmly underwater. He has brown fur, ivory-colored horns and claws, one yellow eye, and a red eye patch, and is wearing only a jockstrap with the Blood Legion emblem. It looks like he is searching the ground for something. Sunlight from above the surface is illuminating the environment, reflecting off of dozens of little air bubbles rising up. Seaweed and other aquatic plants cover most of the ground.
3D render


There’s an old Blood Legion tradition: Gladia who seek another chance by fighting in the Ooze Pit sometimes visit the Blood Lagoon the night before, to throw away their most prized possession, leaving it for whoever finds it.

Sometimes you can find treasure in that lagoon. Not the weapons, name tags, or other trinkets - but the charr who left them behind.

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