Warrior Banners

Prompt 12: SUPPORT
3D render of a charr warrior in black shorts and a red tank top, wielding a battle axe and a large tower shield with the Blood Legion emblem. He has brown fur, one yellow eye, and a red eye patch, is in a combat pose and looking at the viewer with a challenging grin. Behind him there are four colorful banners with different symbols: a yellow sword on a red background, a yellow shield on a red background, a light pink book on a dark purple background, and a light green bullseye on a dark green background - all banners used by the warrior profession in the MMO Guild Wars 2.
3D render
3D view


A trained warrior isn’t just a formidable opponent on the battlefield, their banners also inspire allies—and they’re great for parties! 🎉

Based on the prompt “support” from my patron the Coffee Kitten - thank you for your support! 💙

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