Charr Island II: Water

Prompt 33: WATER
3D render of a male charr near a tropical beach, both the character and camera half-submerged in crystal-blue water. His arms are raised slightly above the water and he's looking curiously at a school of Sergeant major fish swimming close to him. There is a tropical island with a single palm tree in the distance, with a charr clinging to the very top of the trunk, looking helpless.
3D render
3D view


Kianga, stop playing with that fish - someone needs rescuing!

For this prompt from my patron Warrick, I wanted to try one of these half-underwater shots. The solution I ended up with involved two scenes with different lighting setups: one above water, and one below. I cut out a sphere from the water around the camera and then used a black & white mask to control which of the two scenes appears in the final render.

Oh, I also made a feesh! Apparently they’re called “Sergeant Major” - what a fitting name for a charr scene. 😼

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