Charrtober 2021: III - AMBIGUOUS

3D render of a male charr in full steel armor, standing in the middle of a dimly lit Escher-like maze made of black marble stairs with golden handrails. The stairs are arranged in confusing ways, some going sideways or upside down. The charr is holding on to a handrail and looking lost.
3D render


This place is crazier than the Mad King’s Labyrinth…

For this prompt, I wanted to make one of those “weird geometry” environments. I actually rebuilt the whole place from M. C. Escher’s “Relativity” which was a mistake because it cost me like half a day, and it turned out very difficult to light properly. Eventually I ran out of time and used only a smaller part of it for the final scene… On the positive side though, I had a lot of fun building this.

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