Cooking Contest

Prompt 19: HONOR
3D render of a male charr with a red eye patch, wearing a red apron with the text “Natural Born Griller”. He’s standing behind a table outside a village, grinning at the viewer, left hand resting on a meat cleaver, right hand resting on an oversized cooking trophy, a few chunks of raw meat in front of him. The cooking trophy is a golden meat drumstick with a meat cleaver embedded in it, resting on a black steel pedestal decorated with golden gears and letters in New Krytan script.
3D render


Not all honor is won on the battlefield - some of the most glorious battles happen in the kitchen.

For the prompt “honor” from my patron Ripa, I tried to design a charr trophy - first place in the annual Butcher’s Block cooking contest! Thank you, Ripa, for your support! 🧡

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