3D art of a shirtless charr warrior wearing an eyepatch and a black and red plaster on his left shoulder. Left fist clenched, right paw holding his arm, looking directly at the viewer.
3D render


One less enemy to worry about.

Fully vaccinated warrior, for the prompt “liberation” from my patron Ripa. Blood Legion has the coolest (war)band-aids.

A personal note: Just because vaccinations aren’t a big deal for some doesn’t mean everyone can be so relaxed. I’ve had some traumatic experiences with doctors in my childhood, and my relationship with medical procedures is rather tense. Getting vaccinated is the right thing to do, but I felt that neither traditional nor social media were helping much with that.

What can we do better? Instead of using militant rhetoric, try practicing some empathy and reach out to those who are simply exhausted and scared. Stop talking about “jabs” or posting emoji or pictures of needles (even worse: stuck in someone’s arm) everywhere. I can’t stress enough how unhelpful that is. If you want an emoji to show you’re vaccinated, how about this instead? ⚕🛡

And for those still unvaccinated: I can only talk about the situation in Germany, but try to make use of public vaccination centers. Appointments can be made online. In some cases you don’t even need one. No awkward phone calls needed. Staff there have been extremely friendly and professional. For the nerds, you also get a bunch of QR codes!

After nearly two years with this pandemic, we all just want our normal lives back. Vaccines are our best chance to get there.

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