Freestyle Meditation

Prompt 105: LOTUS
3D render featuring a male charr (Kernas Schi) with dark gray fur and a long purple mane. He is floating above a giant magical lotus flower glowing with golden light, in the middle of a quiet sea with a golden sunrise in the background. Instead of the typical lotus meditation pose, he’s hanging haphazardly in mid-air and looking at the viewer, mostly on his back with arms and legs splayed in all directions, like he’s trying to regain his balance in zero gravity.
3D render


Looks like Kernas is still figuring out how that Mystical Lotus Chair works. Does this thing come with a manual?

Meditation takes practice! A little scene for the prompt LOTUS from my patron Kuragari. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been sick with a cold for almost a week now, but things are slowly going back to normal. Thank you for your support! 💜

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