Prompt 80: PATHETIC
3D render of a charr elementalist (Ignado Flaredancer) standing tall in front of the viewer in a simple loincloth outfit. The scene takes place in a rocky cave lit from above with reddish light: Metal bars block the left side, and a Flame Legion banner is vaguely visible in the background, suggesting some kind of arena. Ignado is holding up and looking at his right paw, glowing with magical fire. The viewer is in a fallen/sitting position on the ground, with only their (charr) feet and right hand in view, reaching up helplessly. A dropped Ash Legion combat blade lies in front of their feet, just out of reach.
3D render


PoV: You’ve tried to duel an elementalist. It did not go well.

For the prompt PATHETIC from my patron Ignado! I thought I’d try a first-person perspective for this. Not sure where it’s taking place—probably some Flame Legion shenanigans…

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