Ready Charr One

Prompt 101: VIRTUAL
3D render of a male charr (Bloodeye Lacsap) in a dimly lit industrial environment: concrete, rusty pipes, metal fences. He’s standing on a high-tech looking pedestal with a red glowing edge, arms held in the typical calibration T-pose for VR full-body tracking. He is wearing a VR headset and red glowing tracking devices on his hands, waist, feet, and tail. Visible over his simple black pants is a set of bright orange glowing “holographic” armor, presumably the outfit he is wearing in VR.
3D render


What kind of avatar would a charr use in VR? Himself, of course. Just with more badass armor.

Lacsap trying out his new VR hardware with 9-point FBTT (full-body & tail tracking), inspired by the prompt VIRTUAL. Thank you for your support! 💖

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